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Rheumatoid Arthritis of the Knees – 7 Home Remedies

12 May, 2014

Knees are one of the most common joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Unlike osteoarthritis which causes wear and tear, rheumatoid arthritis results from body’s own immune system acting against it. 2 things occur when rheumatoid arthritis affects the knee joint: Excessive generation of synovial fluid Release of inflammatory chemicals by the immune system Both these …


Arthritis Meaning in Tamil

10 October, 2017

கீல்வாதம் நோய் (Arthritis meaning in Tamil) மிகவும் பொதுவானது ஆனால் நன்கு புரிந்து கொள்ளப்படவில்லை. உண்மையில், “கீல்வாதம்” (Arthritis in Tamil) ஒரு நோயல்ல. இது மூட்டு வலி அல்லது கூட்டு நோயைக் குறிப்பிடுவதற்கான முறைசாரா வழி. 100 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட பல்வேறு வகையான மூட்டுவலி மற்றும் தொடர்புடைய நிலைமைகள் உள்ளன. எல்லா வயதினரும், ஆண்களும், இனத்தவருமாக உள்ளவர்கள், வாதம் இருப்பார்கள், இது அமெரிக்காவில் இயலாமைக்கு முக்கிய காரணமாகும். இது பெண்களுக்கு மிகவும் ( osteoarthritis …


Government reduces prices of knee implants by up to 70%

18 August, 2017

Keeping the Independence Day promise of PM Narendra Modi to take measurable steps to harness healthcare costs, the government has announced to curb the price of knee implants in the country. With private hospitals reportedly indulging in unethical profiteering by charging unreasonable and extravagant rates and doing, the government has taken a decision to cap …


Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

2 March, 2017

Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is the process of recreating a complete knee by replacing the damaged knee cap with artificial plastic material that is conjoined with the existing knee cap portion to completely cover the joint area. The surgery is conducted by an experienced orthopedic surgeon and involves intricate bone recreation processes …


7 Common Causes of Osteoarthritis

3 January, 2017

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common degenerative joint diseases that occurs when cartilage, which acts as a cushion between the joints, wears away and there is increased rubbing of bones with each other. This leads to increased friction between the joints and causes inflammation, pain, and stiffness in the joints. There are many contributing …


Living with Arthritis

30 December, 2016

Living with arthritis can be painful and discomforting, given that pain and inflammation constantly trouble you and make your daily chores challenging. With proper assistance from an experienced rheumatologist and some lifestyle changes, however you can make sure that you are able to cope with these challenges. Regular Exercise Exercise contributes positively and on multiple …


Arthritis FAQ

29 July, 2015

Q1. What is arthritis? A1. It is a condition of the musculoskeletal system that causes inflammation of the joints which leads to disability. Arthritis is the most common cause of disability. Q2. When does it occur? A2. Arthritis may occur when there is wear and tear of ligaments around a joint. It may be caused when …


Partial Vs Total Knee Replacement in New Delhi NCR

26 July, 2014

Partial Vs Total Knee Replacement Partial knee replacement surgery is performed to replace one segment of a knee that has been damaged. The replacement can take place either on the inside, known as the medial part or on the outside, known as the lateral part. This surgery basically aims at removing the damaged bone and …


Chronic Arthritis in Haemophilic Patients

8 May, 2014

What is haemophilic arthritis? It is a common bleeding manifestation that occurs either spontaneously or from a mild trauma, but the haemarthroses becomes more spontaneous with time and repeated bleeding. The knees, elbows, ankles, hips and shoulders are the most common joints involved. What are the causes of the disorder? Haemophilia is a genetic (X-linked) …


Gouty Arthritis – High Uric Acid levels

6 May, 2014

What is gout? Gout is a form of arthritis that is characterized by an attack of sudden stiffness, burning pain and swelling in a joint. The attacks repeat themselves unless treated. Over time, the joints, tendons and other tissues can get harmed. Though gout can affect anyone, it is more common in men. Women become …


Genu Recurvatum: Knee Deformity

1 May, 2014

Referred to as Knee Hyperextension or Back Knee, Genu Recurvatum is an extremely complex deformity of the knee-joint. Under this condition, the knee bends backward with an extensive extension in the tibiofemoral joint. It is mostly found in women. Genu Recurvatum ranges from mild, moderate, to severe. Athletes are at an enhanced risk of developing …


Genu Valgum or Knock Knee: Abnormal condition of the legs

29 April, 2014

About Genu Valgum Knock Knee, medically known as Genu Valgum, is an abnormal condition of the legs where the patient is unable to join the knees and the ankles at the same time. This condition, usually found in children aged 3 years, and more common in girls than in boys, often disappears when they reach …


Hip Arthritis: Symptoms & Treatment

28 April, 2014

Do you feel a sharp stabbing or dull ache in the thighs, buttocks, knee or groin as you try to get out of bed? Pain, swelling, and stiffness of the hip joints may be making it difficult for you to follow your daily routine. It could be hip arthritis that affects almost one in four …


Patellar Knee Dislocation

22 April, 2014

About Patella Dislocation Patellar Dislocation is a condition where the patella or kneecap moves out of its original place. Patella, which lies in front of the knee-joint at the base of the femur (thighbone) may dislocate due to an external force or injury. This condition is common with athletes and adolescent women. The dislocation causes …


Synovitis Knee: Inflammation of the Synovial Membrane

22 April, 2014

Knee Synovitis or Synovitis Knee is a secondary condition that generally develops due to another condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout, or due to an injury to the knee-joint or cancer. It refers to the inflammation of the synovial membrane, which lines and lubricated the knee-joint. Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS) is a more severe …


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee)

21 April, 2014

What is patellofemoral pain syndrome (Runner’s Knee)? Patellofemoral pain syndrome refers to pain in front of the knee. It is most commonly seen in teenagers, athletes (runner’s knee) and manual labourers. The kneecap has a cartilage underneath that acts as a natural shock absorber. The disorder is generally also referred to as chondromalacia patella, or …


Septic Arthritis: Bacterial Infection in a Joint

16 April, 2014

What is septic arthritis? Septic arthritis, also known as infectious or bacterial or pyogenic arthritis, refers to the inflammation of a joint due to bacterial infection. The most common joints affected by the disorder are the knee and hip. Infants under the age of three are mostly afflicted with septic arthritis of the hip. The …


Tuberculosis Arthritis: Infection in joints due to TB

16 April, 2014

What is tuberculosis arthritis? Tuberculosis arthritis is an infection of the joints caused due to tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis is a chronic, debilitating illness caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which commonly affects the lungs once the microorganism enters the body through droplet infection. In some cases, however, TB occurs outside the lungs, and is known as extra-pulmonary …


Rheumatoid Arthritis: Early warning signs

8 April, 2014

Do you sometimes experience pain in knees, elbows and neck? Wonder what is it – is too much work or is it something more serious. Beware it could be rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammatory disease affecting the joints which is the point where two or more bones meet. It is an autoimmune disease …


Knee Pain and Joint Replacements (Arthroplasty)

20 March, 2014

What is a Knee pain? Knee pain defines the soreness that emerges in and around one’s knee joints. The pain intensity can differ depending upon age, cause and the stage of the syndrome. What are the causes? Injuries Ligament Sprains Tear of Menicus Diseases Knee osteoarthritis Gout  Inflammations Bursitis of the knee Tendinitis Deformities Genu …

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