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Bone Marrow Transplantation

5 February, 2018

A bone marrow transplant may be defined as a process in which unhealthy and damaged bone marrow stem cells are replaced with healthy and functioning cells, through the process of surgery. Generally, bone marrow transplants are performed on patients that are suffering from diseases like leukemia, aplastic anaemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, thalassaemia, etc. Types of Bone …


Reliance Hospital Mumbai: One -Stop For Treatment Of Blood Cancer

4 September, 2019

“Cancer is a word. Not a sentence.” Truly said, cancer does not have to be a life sentence for an individual. With its numerous types and stages, cancer has been intruding on human life for decades now. But medical science has been battling this interruption ever since. Several years ago, there was a time when …


Bhumika Tahiliani, CrediHero, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor

8 September, 2015

The Indian youth is so caught up in their day-to-day lives. Figuring out their lives – the right college, the right job, the right relationship – that we forget to focus on our bodies – our health. The human body has fascinating way to deal with a potential threat. When the body tries to fight …


Loren Evans, CrediHero

2 February, 2015

On August 28, 1997 I was diagnosed with embryonic rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a very rare cancer to have when you are an adult. I was supposed to have had it as a young child. I went through 12 months of chemotherapy and after that I went through a bone marrow transplant for one month. Three …


Baby’s Umbilical Stump: Nursing it the right way

8 July, 2014

The baby when in the womb receives the required nutrients from the mother’s uterus which is connected through the umbilical cord. It is cut when the baby is born, leaving a stump on its tummy.  It is important to take proper care of this stump so that it heals properly and does not contract an …

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Bone Marrow Transplantation