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Cancer Myths: 15 common misconceptions debunked

19 June, 2019

A myth is a way of making sense of senseless information. Most facts that begin with a “I Heard” are mostly myths. This case absolutely fits when we talk about cancer. The literature on cancer, famous among the general population, is full of such false data. The following article aims to debunk such cancer myths.We …


Fast Food & Cancer – Is there a relation?

30 April, 2019

There has been a lot of discussion about the ill effects of eating fast food. It has been generally linked to a lot of health conditions like obesity, hypertension, hyper-cholesterolemia and much more. However, there have been limited studies to find out the relationship between fast food and cancer. Most of the cancer doctors are …


CAR T Cell Therapy for Solid Tumor Cancer Treatment

7 February, 2019

According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2018, an estimated 1.7 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer. While there is certainly a tremendous variance in the types and stages of diagnoses, many received a diagnosis for sarcoma, carcinoma, or lymphoma. The common thing among all these types is that these are solid tumor cancers. The …


BEAT CANCER! Try These 9 Super Supplements

25 December, 2018

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases we could ever have in the world. One of the most leading causes of death worldwide is cancer. The treatment of cancer is very expensive and in most of the cases it is not permanent so I have brought you 9 super supplements that can help you …


Top 5 Throat Cancer Symptoms To Look Out For

16 August, 2018

To start with, Cancer is a group of diseases which involve abnormal cell growth and their malignant mutation. This abnormal growth can occur in any part of the body. The most prone areas are throat, lung, and breast. When the abnormal growth of cells is seen in the throat region, the doctors would refer to …


Difference Between Normal Cell and Cancer Cell

6 July, 2018

The very existence of human being is based on a single cell which grows into a tissue, then into an organ. And organs make up a human body. The cells are designed to multiply, which is termed as “cell growth”. The normal cells have a consistent life cycle and system. As long as they follow …


Having difficulty in sticking out your tongue for a picture? You may have Cancer!

19 May, 2018

<p>Well yeah the title may sound too much of an exaggeration but, If you find it increasingly difficult to stick your tongue out and pose for a picture then there could probably be something wrong. Not to scare you but the numbness of your tongue ...


Inspirational Story Of Yuvraj Singh’s Cancer Battle

7 May, 2018

Cancer, a word that brings dread and sorrow to not only the patient who gets diagnosed with the disorder but also the family. The ordeal one has to go through cannot be put in words. Such was the case with the Indian legend to hit six sixes in an over against England, Yuvraj Singh. Yuvraj …


Ultra-processed Foods ‘linked to cancer’, says study

16 February, 2018

A number of surveys undertaken in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, Europe, and New Zealand have revealed that up to 50% of daily energy intake of people is from ultra-processed foods such as packaged snacks, ready-to-cook meals, sugary cereals, soda, fizzy drinks and reconstituted meats.


5 Famous Celebrities Who Succumbed to Lung Cancer

9 November, 2017

Lung cancer is one of the most fatal among all types of cancer. It is the largest killer in the US with more patients dying from it than any other cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 155,870 deaths from lung cancer during 2017 in the US. This disease has been very …


Blood Cancer Symptoms, Causes, Types and Treatment

18 October, 2017

Blood cancer is a broader term related to cancers that directly attack the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are three blood cancer types, namely, leukemia, which happens due to uncontrolled production of abnormal white blood cells, lymphoma affects the lymphatic system, and myeloma, which is a cancer of the plasma cells, which help …


Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

30 August, 2017

Cancer is an overwhelming disease, from the day it is diagnosed till the time the treatment ends, it puts the patient on an emotional, psychological and physical roller coaster ride. And once the treatment is over, expecting life would be back to normal


Bladder Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

28 August, 2017

The bladder is the part of our urinary tract responsible to store our urine until we are ready to let it out. When the cells in the inside lining of the bladder begin to proliferate incessantly and abnormally, it leads to bladder cancer. Though people of any age may get bladder cancer, old people are …


Breast Cancer Stages, Diagnosis and Treatment

22 August, 2017

Breast cancer is a leading of death among women all over the world. However, it is surprising that if detected early, breast cancer is most often curable. Therefore, awareness about the various breast cancer stages can help in a timely and proper diagnosis and treatment. Screening & Diagnosis of Breast Cancer


Breast Cancer Symptoms, Types and Risk Factors

22 August, 2017

Breast cancer is a disease in which cancer cells form in the breast tissue. It is the most common cancer among women all over the world, with an estimated 1.67 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2012 (25% of all cancers). In India, more than 1 lakh women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year …


How to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally?

22 August, 2017

No matter how imperfect they maybe, our breasts make us feel feminine and the fear of losing them to cancer is every woman’s worst nightmare. While some of us may carry genes from our mothers and sisters; some of us lead an unhealthy lifestyle that makes us susceptible to grave diseases such as breast cancer. …


Colon Cancer Causes and Symptoms

24 July, 2017

Colon cancer causes and forms when the uncontrolled cell growth happens in the cells of the large intestine which results in colon cancer causes. It is not necessarily the same as rectal cancer, but they often occur together in what is called colorectal cancer. Rectal cancer originates in the rectum, which is the last several …


Blood Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked

12 June, 2017

Blood cancer is a generalised term for describing the cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow, and lymphatic system. The overall symptoms include swollen or bleeding gums, headaches, common flu-like symptoms (nights sweats, chills), swollen tonsils, bone pain, weight loss and fatigue. It is advisable for you to consult your trusted haematologist (blood doctor) or …


Breast Cancer in Men

7 June, 2017

Breast cancer is not limited to just women, men also suffer from this disease, although one in every one thousand men have been diagnosed positive for it. Both men and women are born with breast tissues, and the development of cancer cells in these tissues causes breast cancer. It is a rare occurrence for men …


Can Cancer Survivors be Organ Donors?

4 June, 2017

Several cancer survivors look forward to helping patients who require organ donation. They understand the need and urgency of the situation and want to be a helping hand. It is possible for cancer survivors to be organ donors. Although, according to oncologists, there are several complications related to cancer survivor donations depending on, the cancer …