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#LadiesAndBabies: Childhood Cancer

10 September, 2019

Superheroes don’t wear capes, they fight CANCER! It is already September and we, at Credihealth, are celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with the rest of the world. Cancer is a fatal illness that has been pacing ahead of medical science. So far researchers and professionals have not come about with a cure for cancer. This …


How To Deal With Trauma In Child’s Life

27 August, 2019

When a child experiences trauma, his life is altered forever. Those who suffer loss, abuse or neglect early-on in life, may often suffer from serious psychological and emotional disorders after the traumatic event. Child trauma bricks up one’s potential in truly unimaginable ways. Children who have experienced traumatic events need to feel safe and loved. All …


11 Essentials to Keep Your Child Healthy in Springtime

9 April, 2019

As a parent, there are so many warnings and pieces of health advice that you need to follow. And it only gets trickier when you realize that a lot of it is contradictory, or not all that practical. To make life that little bit easier for you, we’ve put together 11 essential tips every parent …


Know Your Child’s Vaccine Schedule: What Shots Baby Needs & When

14 November, 2018

<p>Vaccinations are the best way to prevent children from falling prey to diseases. Although your child might not like getting them, they are essential for immunizing their body against various illnesses like rubella, measles, hepatitis, etc. As a...


10 Tips To Help Your Child Gain Weight

14 October, 2018

Most parents are worried about their child’s weight. A child who is thin in comparison to other children who are the same age – can send parents into a panic. When Is A Child Considered Underweight? A child is considered underweight when her/his weight is below the normal weight expected for children of that age. …


When Do You Start Talking to Children about Sex?

15 May, 2018

One of the most common questions parents ask is: “What should my children know about sexuality, and at what age should they know it?” Answering children’s questions about sex is one of the responsibilities many parents dread the most, but is also an important aspect of parenting. Otherwise confident parents often feel tongue-tied and awkward …


9 ways to Prevent Cavities in Children

1 April, 2017

Kids’ teeth are very prone to cavities, and they love sweets and chocolates. With poor oral hygiene, keeping cavities at bay becomes challenging. So there is an endless fight over oral hygiene between kids and their mothers. We suggest a way to handle all the stress and still keep cavities at bay. Good Oral Hygiene …


Child birth after 40?

23 March, 2017

The number of women who have shifted their child birth cycle from the early thirties to early forties has been exponential is the past few years. Most of this can be attributed to changing lifestyle preferences aligned at pursuing high-string careers and achieving financial stability.   It can also be attributed to the fact that …


Symptoms of Heart Problems in Children

14 October, 2016

Detecting heart problems in children is little tricky, for most of the early symptoms are hardly obvious and go unnoticed.  The most common reason why people don’t catch the symptoms is the fact that we don’t speculate their kids to be suffering from any of the so-called “cardiac disorders” that happen “only” in the elderly. …


Congenital Heart Disease – Symptoms Parents Should Look Out for in their Child

29 June, 2016

<p>Any medical condition or defect in the heart that is developed in the womb (before the birth) that affects the normal working of the heart, is termed as Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). During first 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, the heart begins to...


Treating Worm Infection in Children

26 June, 2016

Worm infection is a common occurrence in children. It is the condition wherein worms are present in the child’s intestine. It may have occurred due to the child consuming unhygienic food, contaminated water or by playing barefoot in soil. The worms within the body lay eggs that give birth to more worms in the intestine. As …


Pediatric Surgery : How to Manage Your Child

24 June, 2016

Pediatric Surgery can be a difficult process because it not only affects the child but also the family members. It is important is to prepare yourself and more importantly, your child so they feel less anxious about the anesthesia, medical instruments, surgery and the recovery period. However, like parents all over the world, you are uncertain about …


Controlling Your Child’s Seizures

23 June, 2016

Sometimes, the brain cells temporarily disrupt the electrical signals the brain sends to other parts of the body. It is not as uncommon as one would think, especially among children. Such a condition is medically termed as Seizures. A top pediatrician in Mumbai shares his views, Some seizures like twitching of muscles, jerking of body and stiffness, …


Get Your Sex Life Back On Track After Childbirth

8 March, 2016

It is true that after child birth, some women start feeling different about their post-pregnancy body and self-image/ body image suffers. The body undergoes number of changes both physically as well as mentally due to pregnancy and childbirth. So, what can you really do to get your sex life back on track? Explore this article …


Knee pain – Your child’s complain are not fake excuses

12 August, 2015

Rishita, once a very active child who loved playing cricket, football and swimming, prefers to play indoors. She avoids situations that demand running or jumping. This was not due to a sudden change in her interests but rather result of a fluctuating knee pain caused by a medical condition known as Larsen-Johansson disease or Sinding-Larsen-Johansson …


Proper Diet for Children of All Ages

14 April, 2015

A child’s balanced diet depends on what they eat and in which quantities. Needless to say, portion sizes vary according to the child’s age, because after every few years, children’s nutritional requirements keep changing. Any balanced diet should contain the following – protein, fat, vitamins, carbohydrate, fibre and minerals in correct quantities, because every single …


Why Are My Child’s Eyes Yellow?

14 April, 2015

The body is constantly replacing old red blood cells with new ones, and sometimes during this process, Bilirubin, a yellow coloured pigment, is left behind, which eventually reaches various parts of the body. Jaundice sometimes creates a problem in this process, turning the eyes yellowish in the process. Yellow eyes in newborns The skin and …


Croup in Children

17 March, 2015

Barking cough is a breathing difficulty most common in children between the ages of 3 and 5, and is characterised by a swelling around the vocal cords. Its most common form is the viral croup and it displays the most noticeable symptoms as well. Children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years are …


How Do I Treat My Child’s Stomach Pain?

13 March, 2015

Every parent will have suffered abdominal pains at least once in their lifetime, and the same will go for their children. These pains are extremely common and there is seldom any reason to fret, so if your child complains to you about abdominal pain, don’t start worrying. Ask them to describe the pain and their …


Palliative Therapy for children

27 February, 2015

Whenever a child is diagnosed with a serious medical condition (which can sometimes even be life threatening), everything changes in their family. The parents must not only face the fact that their little child is suffering, but also that he is struggling with the task of receiving intensive and ongoing medical care constantly. Palliative care …