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Critical Care Articles


Department Of Critical Care Medicine at Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

25 October, 2019

<p>For any hospital, the critical care department is one of the most important departments. Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai has one of the best critical care departments in the city. They accommodate 41 multifunctional critical care beds. Each cubi...


5 Things Healthcare Workers Need to Stay Safe During Coronavirus

4 August, 2020

There is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the vast majority of people in the United States. Whether you have known someone personally that has suffered through the illness, you have fought it yourself, or your life has been affected by lockdown and restrictive measures, the pandemic has been far-reaching. But nowhere are …


3 Essential Tips For Dental Chair Care And Maintenance

16 February, 2020

Most dental practitioners and dentists have an ample amount of knowledge when it comes to disinfection and maintenance of the dental office tools and equipment. Nevertheless, a critical component of the dental office is often overlooked during the disinfection process —the dental chair. A dental chair is a piece of equipment which all patients use in the …


Chiropractic Care And Physiotherapy To Help Your Body Heal Better

7 January, 2020

Each person today wants to live healthy and longer! And should there be any disease or physical discomforts, they try and work out ways to heal better. There have been instances of people recovering back to normalcy from a severe brain stroke and excruciating fibromyalgia pain or arthritis. Medication isn’t the only thing that has been …


Reliance Hospital Navi Mumbai: India’s Leading Healthcare Provider

23 August, 2019

India is a developing country and there is a scope of improvement in all its industrial sectors. As a citizen, you most certainly would be aware of how Reliance Group, a conglomerate of companies, has contributed to the country’s growth. Be it telecommunication, trade or textile, the group has provided robust platforms in the most …


Win Beauty Race With New Sensational Skincare Treatment

20 August, 2019

We all know how the increasing pollution in all over the world has seriously affected our lifestyles dour health in many critical ways including and especially our skin. The dust particles and the chemical toxins have made way through the epidermis of our skin and it is now a part of our previously glowing skin …


#FreedomFrom Medical Challenges – Future Of Healthcare In India

16 August, 2019

73 years ago, India became an independent nation. As a country, we have seen tremendous growth in all industries. Healthcare is one among those that have prospered and added value to our free nation.The healthcare industry in India is vast. It touches the life of every individual. So all of you would be concerned about …


Mobile Health Apps all set to change the landscape of healthcare delivery in India

20 August, 2015

<p>The mobile health apps topic is catching a lot of attention. It’s another buzzword today.  The IT advancements in the healthcare sector, especially mobile health applications and services, are transforming the way healthcare is being delivered ...


Top Reasons Why You Should Use Electronic Health Records Software

10 March, 2020

Under the Health Information Technology and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, medical health providers are required to adopt eElectronic Health Records Software (EHR) in a “meaningful” way. Despite this order, however, records show that less than 80 percent of office-based medical doctors are using a certified EMR/EHR system after almost a decade of the …


Overview: Centre Of Excellence Of Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

29 August, 2019

To heal and save people’s lives, Reliance hospital, Navi Mumbai was established. It is a super-specialty hospital that commits to delivering quality healthcare. This renowned hospital is equipped with the best medical technologies and patient-friendly facilities. This is a robust healthcare network that is accessible and affordable to every individual. To strengthen the healthcare system …


Frequently Asked Questions about Second Opinion

15 October, 2020

Introduction Have you ever had a poor medical experience at a hospital or with a doctor? Was the diagnosis incorrect? Was the treatment plan decided for you not adequate? Did you know all the side effects associated with the medicines you would take? Did you think of going to a different doctor for a second …


8 signs someone is seriously depressed

18 September, 2020

In some people, depression symptoms can be seen on the outside, while on others, it might be as noticeable. Anyone suffering from hidden depression could be struggling with many issues and feelings of inner sadness, fatigue, and lethargy while trying their hardest not to show any of those emotions to the outside world. These people …


Mental Health During Coronavirus & Government Initiative

26 August, 2020

The topic of Mental Health has become a critical outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. With this extended span of Social Distancing and Self Quarantine, people are keeping themselves amused by connecting with each other virtually. However, it is easy to forget how difficult being in isolation can be for some people. This …


How to choose a good gynae clinic?

8 June, 2020

Once you are above the age of 13, you need an excellent gynae clinic to check your reproductive system. The gynae clinic deals with an essential system of your body, and you need a gynecologist to be a necessary part of your life. The main factors you need to consider when choosing an excellent gynae …


The Role of AI-Powered Chat For Improving Patient Experiences

27 March, 2020

“For AI to add the most value and for patients and physicians to embrace it, it needs to support, not supplant, the patient-physician relationship … AI will be most effective when it enhances physicians’ ability to focus their full attention on the patient by shifting the physicians’ responsibilities away from transactional tasks toward personalized care …


Lockdown in India – 5 Ways You Can Make The Most Of Your Quarantine

26 March, 2020

<p>The global pandemic and the nationwide lockdown has forced everyone to observe home quarantine, ensuring the much needed social distancing among people for the upcoming weeks. Indefinite alone time, limitation of resources, an overload of myths...


Opt For Tele/Video Consult To Combat Covid19 Outbreak

20 March, 2020

On 19th March, Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation to talk about the ongoing pandemic i.e Coronavirus in India, and how we must take control of the Coronavirus situation in India, by coming together as aware citizens. The Coronavirus outbreak has impacted lives on a much larger scale than ever before and this …


Medical Translation and Interpretation Services Specific to India

20 February, 2020

With twenty-two officially recognized languages in India, and literally thousands of languages and dialects in total, medical translation in India is understandably challenging. During times such as this, with the current coronavirus pandemic, rendering medical translation becomes an even more pressing challenge. Were such a viral outbreak to occur in any of the more densely populated areas …


Dear Men! Are You Aware of These Sexual Problems And Dysfunctions?

21 January, 2020

Every human being goes through certain life problems, physical or mental. These problems always become severe due to lack of awareness which leads to delays in a cure. Moreover, these days the primary millennial idea has been to emphasize deeply into the causes of mental illnesses and their treatments but amidst all of this, a …


7 Signs of Anemia During Pregnancy

10 January, 2020

Ladies, feeling sluggish? In case you’re drained to the point that you frequently experience difficulty tending to your routine life, anemia might be to blame. And if you’re pregnant, anemia is really common. Your body experiences critical changes when you are pregnant. The volume of blood in your body increments by around 20-30%, which increases …

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