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Depression Articles


6 Ways Dogs Help Ease Depression Symptoms

22 March, 2020

Many people credit their dog as being their best friend. Dogs are devoted and loyal, always following a step behind their owners. Or, more likely, a step ahead to trip us because they prefer being as close as possible to their family members. As best pals, dogs are often taken along on vacations and other …


Why Don’t We Take Depression Seriously?

20 February, 2020

Many people have been depressed for years and are unaware of it. Everyone has autumn melancholy, bad days, self-doubt, but depression is not just a bad mood. In modern society, this is one of the most common mental disorders, in the worst cases ending in premature death. According to recent WHO estimates, more than 300 million …


Best CBD Oils For Anxiety And Depression

30 January, 2020

As more people shun pharmaceutical medicine for anxiety and depression, we are witnessing a growing interest in alternative remedies such as CBD oil. But even as cannabidiol becomes a household name, millions of people are still in the dark when it comes to understanding what CBD oil is, and how it may be used to …


#NotSoShy: Depression And Sex – How Being Depressed Affected My Sex Life?

23 January, 2020

<p>All of us have our down days. But it is worse for the people like us, who have a chronic illness, precisely, depression. Depression can largely affect all aspects of your life, including your eating habits, sleeping patterns, digestion, self-es...


Air pollution Can Lead to Bipolar Disorder And Depression, Study Says

25 October, 2019

Have you ever had a bad day and wondered “What could be worse than this?”. And then something worse happens. Well, a similar scenario has occurred in our lives.We all share the same air and hence the same pollution. The ill-effects of this said air pollution varies from societies, cultures, geographies and individuals. But complete …


#LadiesAndBabies: Postpartum Depression

6 September, 2019

You must be waiting for the second series of Ladies and Babies. So here we are with a new topic – ‘Postpartum Depression’. We aim to educate our female population about issues and problems we often go through. Always remember, we are the ones who run the world. Let us get started with today’s topic. …


Get Rid Of Depression: Top 10 Herbs That Can Help

4 January, 2019

Depression is a rapidly growing mental issue that is surrounded by various causes. Even many people with the problem are not aware of their suffering which leads to adverse effects on health at later stages. Read below to know how depression can be cured with Ayurveda herbal remedies. Depression is one of the extremely complex …


PPD (Postpartum Depression) – My story & Learning

12 August, 2016

A member of the New Moms’ Club shares her experience with PPD I was a girl who was full of life until PPD struck me and I couldn’t understand what made me cry all day and night long during my japa period. I cried for the first time when I didn’t lactate for 3 days …


How I overcame Postpartum Depression & You can too

11 August, 2016

I had heard and read a lot about the so called “Postpartum Depression” when I was pregnant and I just laughed over it every time. I was so sure that I would never be the one to get affected as I was very confident about myself being quite a strong person. But then it hit …


PostPartum Depression: Voice of an Expert

12 February, 2016

Mimansa Singh Tanwar, Clinical Psychologist and Coordinator Clinical Psychology at the Department of Mental health and Behavioural Sciences in Fortis Healthcare explains postpartum depression and how to cope with it. When I was pregnant, I would often be advised “enjoy these nine months and pamper yourself to the fullest! Your life is going to change …


Postpartum Depression: Voice of Indian moms

1 February, 2016

As a part of one of our initiatives to spread health awareness and provide moms medical assistance at their time of need, Credihealth created the New Moms Club – a club home to more than a staggering 11,000 moms from across India and foreign countries. Although the focus is to help moms with their health …


“When Motherhood felt like a punishment!” My Postpartum depression Story

27 January, 2016

<p>After a year of my marriage I got pregnant and from the day I revealed the good news there was a continuous flow of advice and good wishes, but then I was so happy about my pregnancy that it never bothered me. Although at times it confused me. ...


Treating Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

20 August, 2014

In a day and age where lives are becoming more and more complicated, stressful and hectic, psychological distress has become commonplace. However, it is important to understand the day-to-day distress one feels is not the same as ‘mental disorders’ that are clinically identified and defined. Although you may be experiencing many of the symptoms, the …


Dealing with Depression: Everything you need to know

28 March, 2014

What is depression? Feeling sad or depressed at times is a normal reaction to loss or life’s struggles. However, when intense sadness envelops a person, involving feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness, which last from days to weeks and keep a person from functioning normally, it is referred to as depression. Different forms of depression …


Mental Health During Coronavirus & Government Initiative

15 July, 2020

The topic of Mental Health has become a critical outcome of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world. With this extended span of Social Distancing and Self Quarantine, people are keeping themselves amused by connecting with each other virtually. However, it is easy to forget how difficult being in isolation can be for some people. This …


5 Important Ways Elderly Can Live a Healthy Lifestyle

3 July, 2020

As you get older, you’ll notice that you’re not as flexible, mobile, or agile as you once were. It can be difficult to adapt to your aging body, especially when you’re so used to being active and always on the go. However, just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you can’t live a healthy …


Are Magic Mushrooms the Next Big Thing After Cannabis?

7 June, 2020

Marijuana is one of the most popular naturally-occurring herbs with incredible medicinal and recreational benefits. In fact, a big reason for marijuana legalization is the emergence of legitimate scientific research about the medical benefits of the active compounds present in it –  i.e. cannabinoids. As the cannabis revolution started to rapidly spread across the globe, …


How Can I Have a Healthy Lifestyle? (FAQs)

1 April, 2020

1. What is lifestyle? Lifestyle is the way of life adopted by an individual, a group or a society. The word “lifestyle” was first coined by Alfred Adler who tried to identify the several factors that govern the quality of life led by different individuals. The word style was derived from modernist art and applied …


5 Ways to Maximize The Health Benefits of CBD

28 March, 2020

Do you want to maximize the health benefits of CBD? You are at the right place because there are different methods to experience the most out of your cannabis. Remember, CBD is an essential fat-soluble composite. There are lots of things to do to maximize CBD experience from selecting the right herb to fusion CBD …


CBD Oil For Migraines: Everything You Need To Know

12 March, 2020

CBD oil has been known to have health benefits for individuals suffering from chronic conditions. For individuals suffering from any type of chronic pain, their goal is immediate relief from the symptoms. There has been some controversy surrounding this powerful hemp extract. Some individuals feel CBD is nothing more than marijuana and others have found ways to …