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Difference Between Diabetes Type I & II

12 March, 2019

According to the International Diabetes Federation, more than 50 million people in India are diagnosed with the condition of diabetes. About 200 million people around the world suffer from diabetes and this number is estimated to get doubled by the end of 2030. But what causes this lifelong disease? Whatever we eat or drink is …


Dining Out With Diabetes: Things To Eat & Avoid

27 July, 2018

Dining out occasionally is a habit which everyone indulges in once in a while. However, as a patient suffering from diabetes, doctors would recommend avoiding eating outside on a regular basis. Patients with diabetes have a strict diabetic plan which they have to stick to. With that said, it is not necessary for these patients …


Better Diabetes Control in 15 Minutes or Less

10 July, 2018

Diabetes is a disease which affects the blood sugar levels and is one of the leading causes of life-threatening health issues which affects an average human being. Diabetes is of three types; type, type 2, and gestational diabetes. You can never be too careful with your health especially with a disease like diabetes. From a …


Pre-Diabetes Symptoms: Do I Have Borderline Diabetes ?

23 January, 2018

Most of us have heard about diabetes, but did you know, that there is also something called as Prediabetes. Prediabetes is a condition in which people have higher-than-normal glucose levels but not enough to indicate diabetes. It is also known as borderline diabetes, impaired fasting glucose (IFG) or impaired glucose


Is Diabetes Curable or Not ?

22 January, 2018

A healthy eating lifestyle is a myth now. Your ancestors were susceptible to good food and good health in their early times. However, with a change in generation,  change in eating habits towards a healthy lifestyle has also popped up. Your frenzied life revolves only around your 9 to 6 pm office job and late …


14 Effective Home Remedies For Diabetes

20 January, 2018

The insidious health attacker ‘diabetes’ is spreading like an epidemic and almost every household inherits this slow poison. On the basis of a survey done, India has been recorded as a land of ‘diabetes’. It constitutes two types, namely – ‘Type 1’and ‘Type 2’. Let us find the answer to the age-old question of what …


Juvenile Diabetes Symptoms and Causes

20 January, 2018

Diabetes is quite a familiar term that lingers round every household. It is often compared to slow death for being an insidious attacker of health and undergoes destruction with zero trace of external change. ‘Diabetes’ constitutes two types, namely – ‘Type 1’and ‘Type 2’. Juvenile diabetes is the perfect synonym


Prevention Measures for Gestational Diabetes

13 January, 2018

Pregnancy is something every woman looks forward to! A beginning to a beautiful phase of motherhood, pregnancy is indeed the best phase in the life of a woman. But as they say, nothing comes easy. Pregnancy can also cause a lot of changes in the body of the woman and these changes can further induce …


Learn about Diabetes Tests and Diagnosis

7 January, 2018

Today’s generation is not as healthy as their ancestors. Whatever you do to your health today will fetch results in future, being it positive or negative. If you do not have a healthy lifestyle, you are soon going to be trapped in the clutches of unwanted diseases. It takes time for any disease to develop …


Relation Between Type 2 Diabetes and Diet Drinks

28 March, 2017

We have heard this before and we will hear it again: Diet Drinks raise the risk for type 2 diabetes but for people already living with type 2 diabetes prefer these drinks since they cause zero effect to the blood sugars. And most of the calorie conscious or weight wary people


Diet for Type 2 Diabetes Patients

6 March, 2017

Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes have insulin resistance in their body. This means that initially, body produces more insulin to keep up blood glucose values at normal levels but eventually cells develop resistance to the high amount of insulin and failure to keep blood glucose levels at optimal values. Type 2 diabetes is more …


Diet for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

1 March, 2017

Type 1 Diabetes Patients have no insulin production in the body and need to take insulin injections daily to maintain their glucose or sugar levels consistently. Sugar levels vary highly post meals and can be highly damaging if the blood glucose levels remain high for longer periods and do not return to their normal levels …


Diabetes with Aortic Stenosis – A deadly Combination

26 October, 2016

The number of heart-related ailments has increased over the years. Aortic Stenosis is one of the ailments which is becoming common these days. During this condition, there is a contraction in the passage of aortic valve. Calcium deposits obstruct the smooth flow of blood from the heart. This puts unnecessary stress on the heart. It …


Are Diabetes and Heart Disease Related?

29 August, 2016

While relating diabetes and heart disease, a renowned Cardiologist in Gurgaon says People with diabetes often develop heart diseases termed as ‘diabetic heart disease’ (DHD). As compared to non diabetics, people who have diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease at a much younger age. This stands true for both type 1 and type 2 …


Causes of Diabetes Explained

30 July, 2016

Before knowing the major causes of diabetes, it is very important to know what happens in diabetes. Essentially, a diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels remain high because the body either does not make sufficient levels of the hormone insulin (which regulates blood glucose levels), or the body cannot utilize the insulin present or both. Well, there …


Diabetes Treatment Options

18 July, 2016

The basic objective of diabetes treatment is to keep the blood sugar (glucose) levels under control. Diabetes is a life-long condition and there is no guaranteed cure for it but there are certain ways to keep manage it by keeping blood sugar at safe levels. You should work with your endocrinologist to devise an effective diabetes treatment plan …


5 Diabetes Complications You Should Know

16 July, 2016

Why is it so important to control diabetes? Diabetes puts an individual at an increased risk of developing a wide of health complications, and these affect almost every part of the body. Excessively high blood glucose levels over a long period of time can result in disorders that affect the heart and blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, …


14 Lifestyle Changes for Managing Diabetes

12 July, 2016

Controlling blood sugar is the basic underlying key to managing diabetes to live longer and healthier. There are many lifestyle habits that diabetic patients can adapt to stay healthier and live longer. Lifestyle Changes for Managing Diabetes Here are few lifestyle changes


Everything You Need to Know About Gestational Diabetes

6 July, 2016

Gestational diabetes is a common occurrence in many pregnant women, especially around 24th week. It may not necessarily mean that you’ll have to suffer from diabetes throughout the rest of your life or your baby may be born with diabetes. However, it is important to keep blood glucose levels under control so both you and …


7 Diabetes Myths Debunked

1 July, 2016

There are many diabetes myths that sometimes create an inaccurate picture of this medical condition. Such myths not only make it difficult for people to realize some hard facts about it, but also generate stereotype and stigma around it. Here are some common diabetes myths debunked along with diabetes misconceptions busted: Diabetes Myths Debunked Myth 1: …