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Pain: Understanding your friendPain: Understanding your friend

29 February, 2016

Yes, pain is a friend. This statement may alarm you; but there is no bigger truth. You are in pain because there is something wrong in your body which needs attention and correction. Pain is the emergency alarm that your brain sounds for corrective measures and action. Just as you describe someone as a ‘pain …


Elbow Fracture (Radial Head) – Treatment and ComplicationsElbow Fracture (Radial Head) – Treatment and Complications

12 August, 2015

<p>What is a radial head fracture (elbow fracture)? The radius bone extends from the elbow to the wrist, on the lateral side or the ‘outside’. The top of the radial bone is the radial head, located just below the elbow. Together with the upper arm...


Wrist Fracture (Ulnar styloid) – Treatment and PrecautionWrist Fracture (Ulnar styloid) – Treatment and Precaution

12 August, 2015

<p>What is Fracture of the Ulnar Styloid? Different bones may be involved in a fracture of the wrist joint, though the most common type of wrist fracture occurs at the end of the radius bone of the forearm. The bone is known as the distal radius a...


Understanding DislocationsUnderstanding Dislocations

7 April, 2014

What is a dislocation? A ‘dislocation’ refers to the slipping out of the bones from their normal positions in a joint. Bone dislocation generally results from a trauma like during a fall, an accident, collision or high-contact/speed sports. Any joint in the body can dislocate (hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, fingers or toes), but the …


Baby Emergencies – Blue baby, Pneumonia, ThemisfitsBaby Emergencies – Blue baby, Pneumonia, Themisfits

25 May, 2015

<p>Neonatal emergencies (baby emergencies) are problems that are encountered during birth, in the hospital after birth, or at the patient’s home after discharge. In all these cases, the emergency poses a definite challenge in diagnosis and treatme...


Epilepsy FAQEpilepsy FAQ

3 February, 2015

Epilepsy FAQ: What is epilepsy? Epilepsy is a neurological disorder in which patient suffers from seizures/fits (abnormal shaky/jerky movements of the arms/legs), staring gaze, uprolling of eyes, & sometimes, loss of consciousness. What are the causes/triggers of epilepsy? In some of the cases, the causative factor for epilepsy is not known. In others, the genetic …


Epidural Anesthesia – Manage Labour PainEpidural Anesthesia – Manage Labour Pain

21 July, 2014

<p>Epidurals are increasingly used to manage labour pain. Let’s weigh its pros and cons to know should you use it or not.  Over the last 50 years, more and more women are demanding epidural anesthesia during childbirth to avoid traumatic experienc...


Have you ever had a Ulnar Fracture?Have you ever had a Ulnar Fracture?

3 July, 2014

<p>Credihealth Ortho Clinic urges not to ignore abnormalities or pain in joints. Visit us at http://www.credihealth.com/campaigns/19-Bone-and-Joint-Clinic  What is a ulnar fracture? The forearm comprises of two long bones, the radius and the ulna,...


Knee Joint DislocationKnee Joint Dislocation

6 May, 2014

A Knee Joint Dislocation or Tibiofemoral Joint Dislocation is an extremely serious injury, imposing a threat to limb presence and its functionality. The dislocation occurs when the bone of the legs, tibia and femur, are out-of-place in relation to each other. The four major ligaments responsible for providing stability for the joint are anterior cruciate, …


Drug Abuse & Suicidal TendencyDrug Abuse & Suicidal Tendency

12 March, 2014

<p>There is a strong link between substance abuse (addiction to prescription drugs, alcohol and controlled substances, along with drugs) and suicidal tendencies. The interplay of the drugs used, brain’s chemistry and a person’s personal issues can...


What kind of back pain do I have?What kind of back pain do I have?

11 March, 2014

Back pain is a symptom of pain that could arise from more than one source. A doctor will carefully evaluate the exact cause of pain before suggesting a course of action. Apart from referred pain (which is pain arising from other organs and felt in the back, such as intra-abdominal disorders like appendicitis, kidney disease, …


Don’t Ignore A Slipped DiscDon’t Ignore A Slipped Disc

10 March, 2014

What is slipped disc? The bones that form the spine or backbone are stacked over each other, separated by a cushion covering of round, flat, compressible discs. These spinal discs make the spine flexible, allowing it to bend and twist. However, these discs are vulnerable to getting ruptured or bulging abnormally into a space that …

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