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Viral Fever: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

18 June, 2018

A fever is an illness in which the body temperature is elevated above the normal 37℃. If you have elevated body temperatures then you should definitely take a look at this article where we discuss viral fever symptoms and viral fever treatment. Usually, during a viral fever, you would feel a little exhausted, nauseous, and …


What Is Hot Yoga? Learn The Different Hot Yoga Poses

21 May, 2018

Sweating, detoxification, mind and body relaxation, do these words excite you? Well then, we are going to tell you about a yoga style which makes you do all those things and then more. The yoga we are talking about is known as Hot Yoga. So, let’s not wait and dive right into what is hot …


Hole in the Heart – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

9 May, 2018

A normal heart is divided into two sides, the left and the right, separated by a wall known as the septum. The right side of the heart receives blood poor in oxygen and sends it towards the lungs. Replenished with oxygen, the blood returns from the lungs and empties into the left side of the …


Infertility and Treatment Options

29 April, 2018

A couple is considered infertile if there is no pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse between them. Infertility is classified as primary or secondary, depending on various factors like – previous history of pregnancy, menstrual cycle history, hormonal profile etc. History of pregnancy includes all pregnancies, even those that resulted in miscarriage or ectopic …


All About: Warts Meaning, Causes And Treatment

30 March, 2018

Have you developed a bump in the skin or a small growth? Do you suspect that it could be warts? Then you have come to the right place because we will discuss about warts meaning and how it could be caused and what are the possible treatments for warts. A wart is reported to look …


Most Frequently Asked Questions on Oral Health

20 March, 2018

There are myriad myths and misconceptions about oral health and dentistry in general. Worry not, we are here going to tackle the most frequently asked questions on oral health. Oral Health FAQ’s 1. Does brushing regularly make teeth lose? No! The simple act of brushing your teeth cannot make teeth lose as the gums and …


Understand Leptospirosis Meaning & Leptospirosis Symptoms & Treatment

7 March, 2018

<p>Every day someone or the other is diagnosed with unwanted diseases. This scenario is more often than not due to the lack of cleanliness around or high exposure to dusty air. Not to a great extent, but if we could manage to prevent ourselves fro...


Top 7 Menstrual Hygiene Management Tips Women Should Follow

30 January, 2018

The first step towards womanhood comes with the advancing of menstruation cycle. It is of utmost importance to understand the science behind the changes in your body and also prepare for it accordingly. Women have been disregarding menstrual hygiene since time immemorial. They have been creating and practicing myths religiously


Prevention Measures for Gestational Diabetes

13 January, 2018

Pregnancy is something every woman looks forward to! A beginning to a beautiful phase of motherhood, pregnancy is indeed the best phase in the life of a woman. But as they say, nothing comes easy. Pregnancy can also cause a lot of changes in the body of the woman and these changes can further induce …


All About: Urticaria Meaning, Causes & Treatment

21 December, 2017

Urticaria is a transitory condition of the skin that is most often caused by an allergic reaction. Urticaria is popularly referred to as hives. Under this condition, pink or red rashes develop on the skin that are more often than not mistaken as mosquito bites. Let us know all about hives or urticaria meaning, causes & …


ADHD Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

4 December, 2017

The term “ADHD” Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder which relates to a condition wherein a person has immense issues paying attention and concentrating on tasks. The disorder almost nullifies the power of thinking and acting accordingly. Now, lets first understand ADHD through an overview and then delve deeper into ADHD Symptoms, What …


Elephantiasis Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

26 November, 2017

Elephantiasis refers to a type of parasitic infection that causes excessive swelling in the arms or legs. It is also known as lymphatic filariasis which is caused due to a filarial worm. This worm is transmitted from human to human through the bite of a female mosquito. This parasite grows and turns into an adult …


மலச்சிக்கல் – Constipation Meaning in Tamil, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

20 November, 2017

<p>மலச்சிக்கல் ( constipation meaning in tamil ) ஒரு அறிகுறி இல்லை நோயாகும். பெரும்பாலும், மலச்சிக்கல் கட்டுப்படுத்தப்படுகிறது குடல் இயக்கங்கள் கருதப்படுகிறது. வழக்கமாக வாரத்திற்கு 3 முறைக்கும் குறைவாக. இருப்பது மலச்சிக்கல் ( constipation in tami...


Blood Cancer Types, Symptoms and Treatment

18 October, 2017

Blood cancer is a broader term related to cancers that directly attack the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system. There are three blood cancer types, namely, leukemia, which happens due to uncontrolled production of abnormal white blood cells, lymphoma affects the lymphatic system, and myeloma, which is a cancer of the plasma cells, which help …


10th October : World Mental Health Day 2017

10 October, 2017

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on 10th October to spread awareness about mental disorders and diseases. World Federation for Mental Health founded the awareness day in 1992 and since then people all over the world are holding events, making announcements, spreading awareness and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay. As of now, more than 150 countries are …


Filariasis Meaning, Types, Symptoms & Treatment

29 September, 2017

Filariasis is a parasitic disease transmitted by blood-feeding arthropods, mainly black flies, roundworms and mosquitoes. The mosquitoes that carry the microscopic worms usually bite between the hours of dusk and dawn. This infection or filariasis symptoms can cause a number of serious health concerns in the form of lymphoedema of the limbs, genital disease (such …


6 Home Remedies For Dengue Fever Treatment

11 September, 2017

The painful disease of dengue has been around for centuries, however, it has now created a widespread fear in the minds of people in India with the average number of people getting infected by it increasing at an alarming rate. Dengue fever should be tackled with utmost urgency because if left untreated, it can develop …


Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

30 August, 2017

Cancer is an overwhelming disease, from the day it is diagnosed till the time the treatment ends, it puts the patient on an emotional, psychological and physical roller coaster ride. And once the treatment is over, expecting life would be back to normal


Bladder Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

28 August, 2017

The bladder is the part of our urinary tract responsible to store our urine until we are ready to let it out. When the cells in the inside lining of the bladder begin to proliferate incessantly and abnormally, it leads to bladder cancer. Though people of any age may get bladder cancer, old people are …


Osteosarcoma Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

24 August, 2017

The most common type of bone cancer is Osteosarcoma, also known as childhood bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is also the 6th most common type of cancer found in children. Since osteosarcoma develops from osteoblasts (the cells responsible for making bones grow), osteosarcoma symptoms are seen predominantly in teenagers who are experiencing a growth spurt, especially during …