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Dealing with down’s syndrome in toddlers

12 August, 2014

Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition which affects 1 in every 800 babies born in America. Also known as Trisomy 21, it delays the mental, emotional and physical development of children due to the presence of extra genetic material. The symptoms of this condition differ widely from child to child, as do their medical problems …


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Everything You Should Know

14 May, 2019

Do you feel depressed, or suicidal? Do you experience intense fear, helplessness? If so, then there are chances that you might suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s a mental health condition that is triggered by a terrifying event. The people who suffer through traumatic events have difficulty in adjusting. With time and good …


Eating Disorders – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

8 May, 2019

Is your Instagram full with filtered pictures of food? Or people showing off their summer bodies? Do you envy the food they are eating or the shape they are in? Do you force yourself into a lifestyle that limits your nutrition intake? Or do you overeat to cope with stress? Do you have irregular eating …


Sleep Apnea: How Your Dentist Can Help

28 August, 2018

Do you snore a lot while asleep? It can be a significant sign of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is the most common as well as a severe sleep disorder. About 18 million Americans suffer from this disorder. Anyone could be a victim of sleep apnea. It can even affect children. Sleep apnea occurs while you …


Does Menopause Have Any Effect on Mental Health ?

24 August, 2018

Menopause is a significant stage in the life of a woman. There are the days of uncalled for morning blues when you may feel lethargic and low from within or feel like weeping for no apparent reason. To actually stand up for another day seems like the world’s biggest effort. Menopause is usually associated with …


Period problems & solutions

10 January, 2015

If it feels like your month revolves around fearing those few days of the month and the problems it brings, you are not alone. All around the world, women and young girls deal with various issues related to their menstrual cycles, and the period itself. Let’s take a look at what these are, why these …


UTI – Why Common in Women?

5 September, 2014

Three stories, one thread. Mehak, a 19-year old college student, who loves wearing her only pair of tight-fitted jeans to the college every day washed or not. She thinks they make her look smart. Palak, 26-year old newly married woman who has just come back from her exotic Europe honeymoon. She feels life has never …


10 Easy Exercises for Office Goers

2 June, 2014

You may love your job and enjoy seeing the results of your hard work, but achieving them could also mean spending hours on your desk and staring into a computer screen – something that you cannot really avoid in a nine-to-five job. However, the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are alarming, and can take a …


Dealing with back pain for too long?

11 March, 2014

What is lower back pain? Low back provides structural support, movement and protection to body tissues. It supports the upper body while standing, extends at the waist when a person bends, and rotates at the waist upon movement. The lumbar spine and the surrounding muscles in the lower back protect the spinal cord and the …


Male Breast Enlargement is Actually Common

21 November, 2013

Gynaecomastia refers to benign enlargement of male breast. It is a disorder associated with excessive growth of breast tissue. It mostly occurs during puberty, but resolves by the time adulthood arrives. The disorder may also occur in older men experiencing low Testosterone levels, or at neonatal stage due to transfer of maternal Oestrogen and Progesterone. …

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