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Dr. Prabhat Kumar Jha – Different Challenges of the Internal Medicine DepartmentDr. Prabhat Kumar Jha – Different Challenges of the Internal Medicine Department

7 October, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Prabhjot Kumar Jha, Senior Consultant Department of Internal Medicine at Medanta, Gurgaon, talk about a variety of challenges the internal medicine department faces. He explains the risks of eating unhealthy food and prevention method...


Dr. Prasad Rao Voleti – Importance of Internal Medicine for Patient CareDr. Prasad Rao Voleti – Importance of Internal Medicine for Patient Care

26 August, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Prasad Rao Voleti, Director of the Department of Internal Medicine &amp; Geriatrics, Medanta &#8211; The Medicity, Gurgaon, talk about how in the past few years, internal medicine and how its become the forefront &#8211; taking care o...


Food Safety Post TransplantFood Safety Post Transplant

17 March, 2017

There is a lot of precaution that you need to follow with your routine, hygiene and food safety post transplant. And the reasons are obvious. You will be on lifelong dose of immunosuppressants and slight neglect can cause you infections indirectly adding up to your woes. Diet plays a very important role in preventing infections …


7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 45+ Years)7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 45+ Years)

4 March, 2017

<p>A routine medical and diagnostic tests is advised to detect any medical issues if any, better prognosis for deadly diseases like cancer, which can be handled better if diagnosed early, and assess your risk for diseases that are in the family an...


7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 35-45 Years)7 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (for Age Group 35-45 Years)

3 March, 2017

<p>It is very important for anyone to get a regular check up and perform a diagnostic tests on a yearly basis. There are different diagnostic tests categorized on age group basis. People face different problems in different life stage and most of ...


6 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (Age Group 27-35 Years)6 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (Age Group 27-35 Years)

2 March, 2017

<p>In today&#8217;s world which is marked by frequent distractions, stressful lifestyles, polluted environments and sitting jobs, taking care of your health is an imperative. No matter what your age, but a yearly health check up can not just preve...


Congenital Heart Disease – Symptoms Parents Should Look Out for in their ChildCongenital Heart Disease – Symptoms Parents Should Look Out for in their Child

29 June, 2016

<p>Any medical condition or defect in the heart that is developed in the womb (before the birth) that affects the normal working of the heart, is termed as Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). During first 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy, the heart begins to...


An Introduction to Stress Echocardiography TestAn Introduction to Stress Echocardiography Test

6 June, 2016

<p>What is a Stress Echo Test? Stress Echocardiography, also known as Stress Echo test, is conducted to check the working of heart muscles and blood vessels. Started in early 1980’s, the test checks the motion or contractile of heart at rest and u...


Doctor’s Opinion: 300+ Drugs Banned in IndiaDoctor’s Opinion: 300+ Drugs Banned in India

21 March, 2016

<p>Recently The Health Ministry announced a list of over 300 fixed dose combination drugs banned in India due to certain ‘risks’ they have on the body. These include ban on common drugs prescribed by over 80% of the doctors in India. The list cons...


New moms have something to say about “Female Viagra”New moms have something to say about “Female Viagra”

3 March, 2016

<p>Female viagra also known by its chemical name &#8216;flibanserin&#8216; aims to boost sexual desire in women, especially those who are entering into their menopause. Recent reports by JAMA Internal Medicine discuss both positive and negative ef...


Harmala Gupta’s story as a cancer survivor, CrediHeroHarmala Gupta’s story as a cancer survivor, CrediHero

7 March, 2015

<p>Harmala Gupta is a 61-year-old cancer survivor who got a second chance at life at the age of 34. She is also the Founder-President of a Cancer Charity in New Delhi called CanSupport an organization that enable people with advanced cancer and th...


Dr. Rohit Bansal – Advanced Facilities in Sarvodaya HospitalDr. Rohit Bansal – Advanced Facilities in Sarvodaya Hospital

9 December, 2014

<p>Dr. Rohit Bansal is a Consultant in Internal Medicine. He specialises in Critical Care and elaborates on the advanced facilities provided by Sarvodaya hospital, especially to cardiac patients who are treated in hospital. Facebook &amp; Twitter<...


This is when you should visit a PulmonologistThis is when you should visit a Pulmonologist

15 November, 2014

<p>Pulmonary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders and diseases that affect the lungs. The specialists that deal with pulmonary medicine can diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of pulmonary diseases that include lung disea...


Colon Cancer Causes and SymptomsColon Cancer Causes and Symptoms

24 July, 2017

Colon cancer causes and forms when the uncontrolled cell growth happens in the cells of the large intestine which results in colon cancer causes. It is not necessarily the same as rectal cancer, but they often occur together in what is called colorectal cancer. Rectal cancer originates in the rectum, which is the last several …


Can Cancer Survivors be Organ Donors?Can Cancer Survivors be Organ Donors?

4 June, 2017

<p>Several cancer survivors look forward to helping patients who require organ donation. They understand the need and urgency of the situation and want to be a helping hand. It is possible for cancer survivors to be organ donors. Although, accordi...


Alcoholism and Alcohol AbuseAlcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

15 April, 2017

Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol is the intoxicating ingredient in wine, beer, and liquor which affects the human body adversely. Excessive alcohol consumption causes deformation of the brain, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, impaired judgment, slow reflexes, lack of coordination, flushed appearance, and blurred vision. Alcohol Abuse is the condition whereby the drinker can set limits on the consumption. …


Frequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement SurgeryFrequently Asked Questions about Knee Replacement Surgery

2 March, 2017

<p>Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is the process of recreating a complete knee by replacing the damaged knee cap with artificial plastic material that is conjoined with the existing knee cap portion to completely cover the j...


World Rabies Day 2016World Rabies Day 2016

28 September, 2016

World Rabies Day was introduced by Global Alliance for Rabies which is a non-profit organization based in USA and UK. It is an initiative backed by UN and WHO and takes place on the death anniversary of Louis Pasteur, (28 September) who developed the first rabies vaccine. 2016 marks the 10th World Rabies Day, a …


Elbow Fracture (Radial Head) – Treatment and ComplicationsElbow Fracture (Radial Head) – Treatment and Complications

12 August, 2015

<p>What is a radial head fracture (elbow fracture)? The radius bone extends from the elbow to the wrist, on the lateral side or the ‘outside’. The top of the radial bone is the radial head, located just below the elbow. Together with the upper arm...


Gastrointestinal Infection and Bleeding: 8 Major SymptomsGastrointestinal Infection and Bleeding: 8 Major Symptoms

3 August, 2015

<p>Gastrointestinal infection and bleeding is a painful condition in which the patient experiences extreme pain and disorder in the gastrointestinal tract because of infection or accidental tissue damage. The condition can take serious shape if th...

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