Intestinal Problem Articles


5 Common Gastrointestinal Diseases & their Symptoms

21 January, 2017

Gastrointestinal problems are very common and most of the people ignore them, considering them as casual issues which don’t need medical attention. However, if these symptoms remain for a prolonged period, they may need a medical checkup. Chest Pain: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) It is one of the most common GI troubles and happens when …


5 Causes of Digestion Problems

27 May, 2014

Digestive problems are often not discussed in polite companies and are often one of the most avoided topics related to health. But it is really important to be discussed, as neglecting it might cause some really long-term and harmful effects to your digestive system. Such problems may arise due to the harmful bacteria consumed through …


What is the Difference Between Chikungunya and Zika?

1 June, 2018

Chikungunya and Zika both are mosquito transferred diseases but are linked to each other through the commonality of their symptoms. Zika, like Chikungunya, is caused by the bite of the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus mosquito, through which the virus is transmitted into the bloodstream.  In fact, the preliminary symptoms


Lactose Intolerant Baby: Causes & Treatment

11 August, 2014

Lactose intolerance is the inability of babies to digest lactose present in milk. Newborn babies might have lactose intolerance because the small intestine is not yet equipped to produce lactase, which helps in digesting lactose. It can be controlled by following an elimination diet until the production of lactase starts. Lactose is a form of …


Chest Pain – Heart Attack Or Something Else?

5 March, 2014

That dull, burning sensation in the chest that doesn’t seem to be going away, or is getting worse – is it a sign of a heart attack? Or is it something else? This question troubles many individuals every year because of two main reasons: Even though chest pain is a major sign of heart attack, …


Stomach Cancer: Treatment & Complications

15 November, 2013

What is Stomach Cancer? Also known as gastric cancer, gut cancer or stomach cancer is a disorder in which the stomach cells start multiplying at an uncontrolled rate, forming a tumour. The tumour may spread along the wall of the stomach or grow directly through it and enter the blood stream or lymphatic system, from …


Why Alkalizing Your Body Is A Must

12 December, 2018

Isn’t it a really hard to believe fact that the overall health of our body is dependent mostly on the pH levels of the body? The ideal blood pH is of around 7.4. This is a slightly alkaline value and is usually maintained naturally by our body. There should be no surprise that the multifaceted …


Ayurveda Home Remedies For Bleeding Gums

17 October, 2018

Strong & healthy gums are like pillars for bright & strong teeth & such a shining smile can instantly win hearts. The health of your teeth directly proportional to the health of your gums. If your gums bleed when you brush your teeth, you are probably suffering from a slightly mild case of gingivitis. Gum …


Chemotherapy Patient Guidelines – Frequently Asked Questions

6 August, 2018

This article will you give you a comprehensive overview of Chemotherapy by answering some of the most commonly asked questions related to this form of cancer treatment. Let’s have a look at the FAQ’s below: 1. What Is Chemotherapy? Chemotherapy is an aggressive form of chemical drug therapy meant to destroy rapidly growing cells in …


Honey & Milk: A Healthy Combo

3 April, 2018

Yes! we are all aware of the myriad benefits of honey and milk and the crucial role they play in our overall growth and development to ensure a healthy you! But, we know the benefits of the same individually and not together as one drink! So, let us now imagine if we mix both – …


Understand Health Benefits Of Cloves Before You Regret

9 December, 2017

Cloves or ‘laung’ are one of the many spices used for thousands of years in Asian countries like India, China and others. Benefits of cloves are manifold as they are used not only as a condiment but also as an antiseptic and for other medicinal purposes like clove oil. Cloves are rich sources of minerals …


10 Health Symptoms Women Should Be Aware Of

2 September, 2017

Women tend to get so engrossed in taking care of everybody else that they barely get time to take care of themselves. With the ever-rising demands of family and work, many women do not make their own health a priority.  Most women may not understand these warning signs or realize that there are certain symptoms …


Understanding Living with Crohn’s Disease

8 October, 2016

If one has recently been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, he might be struggling to understand how it will impact the daily routine and quality of life. Here is a quick look at it: Chronic in Nature It continues to be a part of the patient’s life forever. It is necessary to accept sudden flareups, ability …


Reasons Not to Delay Hernia Surgery

25 September, 2016

Hernia is a condition when a bulge is formed due to cavity in the abdomen – and depending on where it is formed, it can be classified as Femoral hernia (upper thigh), Hiatal hernia (upper part of stomach) and Umbilical (near belly button). When it increases in size, it obstructs supply of blood and that …


10 Health Issues Most Men Ignore

16 June, 2016

Men are focused at being healthy only to the extent that their bodies appear fit and they have a toned physique. Most men however, fail to notice alarming health issues and even if they do, they tend to ignore them. Several researches conducted prove that men visit a doctor only when their problems become severe. Given below are 10 …


Herbal Supplements- Benefits and Side Effects

20 August, 2015

Herbal supplements have been used as dietary substitutes since many centuries, and are even used by people today. They are known to prevent and cure many minor and long –lasting diseases and ailments. Around 75 percent of the world’s population is still using some or the other type of herbal supplement. Examples of some herbal supplements …


Bone Cancer & Soft Tissue Cancer

11 August, 2015

Today, global environmental changes due to degrading ecological quality are greatly affecting the health of many human beings. One such form of the disease that is the outcome of the present scenario is Sarcoma, which is a type of cancer. Sarcoma can be defined as malignant tumors that affect the connective tissues. Though this problem …


Gastritis: Causes and Prevention

3 August, 2015

One of the trickiest diseases to detect, gastritis is the most common problem faced by many individuals in this day and age when rather than home remedies people immediately opt for antibiotics for minor ups and downs in their health. Before going into the details regarding its symptoms and solutions, people needs to understand the true …


Crohn’s disease: Signs and treatment

3 August, 2015

Crohn’s disease is an inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract in humans. It can affect anyone irrespective of his/her age. Both men and women are prone to being affected by Crohn’s disease especially between the ages of 12-32. The gastrointestinal tract starts from the mouth and includes oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon), rectum, and …


Baby Emergencies – Blue baby, Pneumonia, Themisfits

25 May, 2015

Neonatal emergencies (baby emergencies) are problems that are encountered during birth, in the hospital after birth, or at the patient’s home after discharge. In all these cases, the emergency poses a definite challenge in diagnosis and treatment that needs to be dealt with in a serious manner. These emergencies are THE MISFITS. This is a …