Ivf And Reproductive Medicine Articles


How to Choose the Right IVF Doctor & Hospital

10 March, 2017

Infertility has been on the rise in urban India. 15 out of every 100 couples in urban India are opting for Alternative Reproductive Procedure(ARP). However choosing the right IVF doctor can be a daunting task. Couples often reach out to popular Gynaecologist or they go by word of mouth. Also choosing the right IVF Doctor saves …


Risks and Side Effects of IVF

24 February, 2017

In vitro fertilisation or IVF is a highly advanced procedure for infertility. Couples who cannot conceive naturally after long term of trying; opt for these treatments to conceive in medically assisted ways. The treatment begins with diagnosis of the infertility in either of the partner . Once the diagnosis is made, the medical professionals along …


5 Simple Steps to Manage the IVF Stress

24 February, 2017

IVF or In Vitro Fertilisation in itself is a life changing experience which can bring stress and potential stigmatisation. IVF treatments are time consuming, physically demanding, expensive and emotionally taxing. Many couples undergoing IVF treatments experience relationship issues, changes in social networking as well as disturbance in the married life. IVF stress develops in response to …


How to Choose the Right IVF Specialist & Hospital

22 February, 2017

With the generated awareness and ongoing researches in the field of reproductive sciences ,the rates of IVF counselling have witnessed a tremendous rise. Every 3rd couple out of 100 in urban spaces opt for for ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique). Choosing the right IVF specialist is an important decision, but it can feel like a daunting task. Often …


IVF Complications and Birth Defects

26 December, 2016

IVF is definitely a marvel of medical science & technology with shifting the fertilization from human body to a laboratory it has redefined the reproduction laws of Mother Nature. While IVF has brought joys of parenthood in the lives of many disadvantaged couples but every win comes with a couple of complications. In this article, …


20 Frequently Asked Questions about IVF

30 June, 2016

Dr. Sonia Malik is a renowned Gynecologist and IVF Specialist in Gurgaon. She has executed over 7000 ART Cycles and performs 15-20 IUI Cycles and 20-25 IVF Cycles per month. Thank you Dr. Malik for your support to the New Moms Club: Credihealth Initiative. I understand that it is assisted pregnancy procedure but when do you know you that …


An IVF Story of A Happy Mother of 2 Toddlers

28 December, 2015

It was almost after seven years of my marriage and I was not being able to conceive and get pregnant. I had consulted many well-known gynecologists for those seven years, but all of them were of the same opinion that I should wait for the natural conception. I was totally under depression because of the …


7 Common Fertility Mistakes

29 March, 2017

Once a couple decides to go for a child, they seem to be all in for it and amongst many other fertility mistakes having too much sex, tops the list. This is not all and there are many other fertility mistakes that need to be corrected, to ensure things are in place: The Right Time: …


Child birth after 40?

23 March, 2017

The number of women who have shifted their child birth cycle from the early thirties to early forties has been exponential is the past few years. Most of this can be attributed to changing lifestyle preferences aligned at pursuing high-string careers and achieving financial stability.   It can also be attributed to the fact that …