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Living with Heart on the Right, Liver on Left: Case of Situs Inversus

9 October, 2019

Imagine waking up one day with a stomach ache and later discovering that all your inner organs are on the wrong side. This surprise of a lifetime was recently presented to a resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar region. Jamaluddin encountered the shock of living in a mirror body when he consulted a doctor for persistent …


Normal Delivery? 12 Changes In Your Body

16 August, 2019

After the birth of her newborn, the mother’s life is completely governed by her little one but nevertheless, the postpartum care is important to recover from the trauma your body has suffered during delivery. There are so many changes brought by pregnancy which continue even after the baby is born. Just like pregnancy, the postpartum …


C – Section Delivery – Things you should know

27 May, 2019

C section delivery is also known as Cesarean or abdominal delivery. C section is a complex procedure that includes incision in the uterus for childbirth. This process carries a lot of risks. It could be performed either by the choice of the patient or due to some emergency. What is C – Section/ Cesarean Delivery? …


Signs & Symptoms Of Common Liver Problems

6 August, 2018

At almost the size of an average football, the liver sits just below the rib cage. The prime function of the liver is to help digest the food while also protecting the body against toxic waste. Liver provides the body with bile – an alkaline compound which is responsible for breaking down fat. The bile …


10 CrediMoms Share Their #DeliveryStories

5 May, 2018

Hearing women’s stories of labor and birth can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique. It goes without a shadow of a doubt that, sometimes swift, sometimes scary, delivery is an unforgettable experience! Here, parents look back on the birth of their babies and share their memories of delivery day. Below …


Can You Get Alcoholic Liver Disease?

12 April, 2017

Liver is the largest organ of the human body and encompasses a wide array of tasks which include detoxification, energy production, storage, etc. The food which you eat, after digestion passes through liver via portal system (a group of vessels which transports blood containing digested food from intestine to liver). Consider this- Liver acts a …


Alcoholic Liver Disease – 5 Things to Know

11 April, 2017

1. What is Alcoholic Liver Disease? Prolonged drinking can lead to an inflammation of the liver, leading to alcoholic liver disease. Those who have been drinking heavily and consuming a large amount of alcohol are prone to this disease. 2. What are the symptoms? According to a top gastroenterologist, typical symptoms of alcoholic liver disease include …


Understanding Liver Cysts

15 December, 2016

Liver cysts, which are also referred to as hepatic cysts are solitary fluid-filled nonparasitic sacs.  They are usually asymptomatic and benign in nature and are also called as simple cysts. It is essential to however, diagnosing these cyst early on, to render proper treatment to parasitic and cancerous tumors. They are often discovered during a …


Common Liver Diseases

25 October, 2016

We all have witnessed a change in our lifestyle: sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, increased stress, consumption of high-fat diet, & of course the magnanimous rise in alcohol consumption and smoking. All this has led to an increase in a lot of lifestyle disorders including liver diseases. Hepatitis and Fatty Liver are the most commonly …


What is Life Like After Liver Transplant?

22 October, 2016

Liver transplant is a major surgery and post-surgery care is equally important for ensuring that liver transplant lasts for long. All the patient needs to do is follow strict compliance to the overall routine prescribed by the physician. Go Slow The patient will be able to lead a perfectly normal life post-transplant as well , …


Who needs a Liver Transplant?

17 October, 2016

Liver transplant is specialized surgery that is performed to remove the diseased liver, incapable of forming its physiological functions, with a healthy liver. It is a lifesaving procedure for those who have been suffering because of a malfunctioning liver, for long. There are a number of patients who need the transplant than the number of …


Post Delivery Hygiene For Mother and Baby

31 July, 2016

Hygiene is as important for a mother and the new born. Proper post delivery hygiene for mother and baby, both, ensures that the duo does not contract any infection and stays perfectly healthy. The following parameters are to be kept in mind to ensure healthy and hygienic conditions after the delivery – Keep Baby Warm It …


5 Superfoods for Healthy Liver

15 July, 2016

We all have read about major body organs in school. What most of us remember about liver is that it aids in digestion and is adversely affected by too much of alcohol consumption. Well, it is time for you to update that information!! Apart from filtering your blood of toxins (yes, your heart doesn’t do …


Breast Cancer Survivor delivers twins

14 March, 2016

Pregnancy is as delicate as it is exciting. Every woman who finds out she’s pregnant, wants her pregnancy to go as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately for this mom, that was not the case. Rosy Lalnunsangi from Mizoram, was 5-month pregnant when she noticed something weird on her breast – a lump. She went to a …


Liver Transplant Patient Experience – Rajni Prasad

4 March, 2016

A liver transplant patient – Mrs. Rajni Prasad, shares her detailed experience of the procedure at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi and how Credihealth managed her entire hospitalization process. A liver transplant is a complex procedure and typically takes between 6 to 12 hours during which surgeons remove the failing liver and replace it with a donor …


7 moms share their delivery stories

8 October, 2015

A night before giving birth we had a get together at home and I cooked and ate like crazy! Next day @4 am I started feeling menstrual-like cramps which were really painful but bearable. First I thought I had gastric problem as I had heavy food the previous night, then I felt those pains were …


Mobile Health Apps all set to change the landscape of healthcare delivery in India

20 August, 2015

<p>The mobile health apps topic is catching a lot of attention. It’s another buzzword today.  The IT advancements in the healthcare sector, especially mobile health applications and services, are transforming the way healthcare is being delivered ...


Liver Transplant Pakistani Patient Experience – Mr. Zahir Abaas

4 August, 2015

<p>In this liver transplant Interview liver transplant patient shares his detailed experience with Credihealth at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. A liver transplant may take between six to twelve hours during which surgeons remove the failing l...


8 Moms share their Normal Delivery stories (Part 2)

5 May, 2015

Mom #1 My due date was 27th Nov. I went for normal check up on 25th Oct where the doctor recommended an ultrasound. After seeing my reports she told me “you’re about to deliver” and I was like “What? How can it be possible?” I mean I was perfectly alright and my husband was in …


10 Moms share their Normal Delivery Stories (Part 1)

5 May, 2015

Mom #1 Hello everyone mine is normal delivery. Pain started at 1 o’ clock in the morning then at 3 AM my pain increased and then at 5 AM it was unbearable. I rush to the hospital because I was not aware if it were labour pain or something else because my due was 3rd …

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