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10th October : World Mental Health Day 2017

10 October, 2017

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on 10th October to spread awareness about mental disorders and diseases. World Federation for Mental Health founded the awareness day in 1992 and since then people all over the world are holding events, making announcements, spreading awareness and celebrating #WorldMentalHealthDay. As of now, more than 150 countries are …


Top 7 Health Benefits of Cycling For Men And Women

16 April, 2018

Looking for an easy and effective way to get healthy? Well, you’ll be glad to know that an exercise you’ve been doing since probably your childhood is one of the best solutions. If you’ve been thinking of getting a membership at a gym but haven’t made up your mind yet, the benefits of cycling should …


Masturbation Effect on Health – Pros & Cons

11 March, 2018

Masturbation is when one touches himself in the genitals in order to sexually arouse himself. It is done by both men and women, alone or with a partner. The general belief is that masturbation is done by people who do not have an active sex life but the truth is that masturbation is an activity …


Is beer good for health? Find the surprising answer

21 February, 2018

Has the question of “Is beer good for health” been haunting you? If yes, then here in answer to the question that often crosses our mind. Beer lovers, you certainly have a reason to rejoice as there are many claims that have been made in the past about the health benefits of beer. For many …


Top 10 Health Benefits of Squats for Men & Women

5 February, 2018

Times have changed leading to a cut-to-cut competition in today’s era. Waking up to a rushed morning and running throughout the day, you hardly have time for your health. It is hard to undergo a full-fledged exercise session. You are undoubtedly dedicated towards your work, however; keeping your body fit and healthy should also be …


Vitamin D Rich Foods For Immunity, Nutrition and Bone Health

7 December, 2017

For a country that gets abundant sunlight for most parts of the year, it’s strange to find a significant part of our population being diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. It’s almost become a pandemic. Vitamin D or the ‘sunshine vitamin’ is an essential nutrient that keeps the bones and teeth healthy. Most of the people …


Probiotics for Digestive Health

11 March, 2017

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that that offer some form of health benefit especially your digestive system. Probiotics are the “good” microorganisms that help in regulating proper intestinal function and digestion – by balancing intestinal micro flora. They are found in varied quantities in different foods. Probiotics are normally found in abundance in fermented …


10 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

8 December, 2016

Every woman wants to stay active and healthy throughout her pregnancy. If you are pregnant then you must eat well, take sufficient sleep, do physical activities and think positive. Taking care of your physical and emotional health is really very important for a healthy pregnancy. A mom’s good health is essential for a healthy baby. …


Understanding Mental Illness

19 July, 2016

People can experience a single mental illness over a period of many years. The intensity, type, and duration of its symptoms will obviously differ from person to person. There is nothing constant about them and they do not necessarily follow a regular pattern. This makes it difficult for neurologists to predict when the symptoms will flare-up …


5 Superfoods for a Healthy Brain

11 July, 2016

Our brain is one of the most important organs of our bodies and everything we perceive at any given time – smelling a flower, seeing a movie, hearing a melodious song; will not make sense to us if it wasn’t for our brains. According to a trusted neurologist in Mumbai,  as we grow old our brain health …


5 Superfoods for Healthy Lungs

8 July, 2016

We are inhaling dangerous levels of pollution these days. While the Indian government and people, in general, roam around on the roads oblivious to the damage that is being done to their bodies, researchers and environmentalists are in horror of its future implications. Contrary to what most people believe – breathing in the polluted air …


5 Superfoods for Digestive Health

1 July, 2016

Your health and physical well-being are highly dependent on the efficiency of digestive health. With current lifestyles, our bodies and digestive tracts are constantly under strain and this could reflect really badly on our overall health. Wellness activist and cancer survivor, Kris Carr, rightly says: Quite literally, your gut is the epicenter of your mental …


How to get Healthy Beautiful Skin?

22 June, 2016

What is Healthy Beautiful Skin? A healthy beautiful skin is the one which has normal PH balance and is neither too oily nor too dry. It is smooth and soft to touch; has an even skin tone; and is free of skin problems such as blemishes, blackheads, acne, wrinkles and visible pores. Healthy skin is important …


10 Signs of Unhealthy Body

20 June, 2016

Long before that trip to the hospital becomes an absolute necessity with a threatening illness, the body gives out a number of indications that it is not in the best of health. Pay attention to the following 10 signs of unhealthy body, to know if something is not right and control these symptoms from becoming a major …


GharSeNaukri Gives Easy Access to Job Opportunities for Credihealth New Moms Club Members

8 September, 2015

<p>Acquiring balance between domestic life and work is an essential skill that ultimately promotes goodwill between an employer and employee, especially when you have an online job. Maturing an excellent job opportunity and having a healthy work e...


Environmental factors can cause infertility too!

26 May, 2015

There’s no escaping the surrounding environment we live in, but certain chemicals and toxins present in foods, water or the workplace can affect health and increase the chances of reproductive disorders like infertility, abortions or congenital malformations. While many studies continue to look into possible environmental factors affecting fertility, here are some chemicals and factors …


Teens Health: Eating disorders, sexual health & more

23 May, 2015

Teens health: What is the right weight for my height?  The right weight depends on several factors: Age Height Built and body fat percentage Body Mass Indicator (BMI) tool is a great way to find the exact weight for any particular height Teens should involve themselves in physical activities and regularly exercise. Exercising does not have to …


How can I have a healthy lifestyle? (FAQs)

30 April, 2015

1. What is lifestyle? Lifestyle is the way of life adopted by an individual, a group or a society. The word “lifestyle” was first coined by Alfred Adler who tried to identify the several factors that govern the quality of life led by different individuals. The word style was derived from modernist art and applied …


Teens Health: Frequently Asked Questions

20 February, 2015

Teens health: What is the right weight for my height? The right weight depends on various factors like age, height, built and body fat percentage. Body Mass Indicator (BMI) tool is a great way to find the exact weight for any particular height. Teens should do a lot of physical activities and regular exercise. Exercising …


Do Health Problems Lead To Divorce?

22 September, 2014

We know that illnesses and bad health create stress in marital relationships but to the extent that it may be the reason for divorce is SHOCKING! Read this. A report ‘Gender Disparity in the rate of partner abandonment in patients with serious medical illness’ published in the 15 Nov 2001 issue of Cancer journal revealed …

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