Neurosurgery Articles


World Parkinson day – Tips & Trick for Parkinson Caregiver

1 April, 2019

Parkinson disease is a Neuro disorder that occurs in men and women due to a lack of dopamine in the brain. Struggling with a disease which is progressive and very much visible to the society can be vulnerable at times. It is also quite difficult to see your loved one face problems which go severe …


Brain Tumor Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

26 March, 2019

Generally, cells in our body ages die and are replaced by the new ones. But with cancer, this cycle is disrupted. Brain tumor cells grow and unlike other normal cells, they don’t die. Eventually, cancerous cells keeps growing and more cell are added to this abnormal mass of tissue. Similarly, brain cancer is an abnormal …


Epilepsy Causes and Risk Factors

21 March, 2017

Causes of Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder, represented by recurrent, unprovoked seizures. Causes are numerous and vary by age of the person. There can be numerous causes for epileptic seizures and have been listed below: Genetic History: There is a genetic clink to most of the epilepsy cases which leads to firing neurons. …


Brain Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

29 April, 2016

Q1.  What does the term brain surgery mean? Brain Surgery is performed to treat/correct/repair the structural or physical abnormalities of the brain. Q2. When is a brain surgery required? Typically, an experienced neurosurgeon will recommend the surgery following cases: Brain Tumor Brain hemorrhage Blood clot formation in the brain Aneurysm Damage to the protective brain tissue …


Brain Tumor – Frequently Asked Questions

5 February, 2015

What is Brain Tumor? Brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells in a part of the brain. Brain tumour may be benign tumour (not a cancer) or malignant (cancer). They are found in both adult & children. How do I know that I have brain tumor? What are the signs & symptoms?  Signs & …


Stroke FAQ

3 February, 2015

Stroke FAQ: What is stroke? Stroke (or Cerebrovascular accident) is an emergency condition. Sudden loss of function of a part of brain is caused by sudden brain damage either due to sudden stoppage of blood supply to brain or due to bleeding within brain. The patient usually complains of paralysis of either one side of …


Positive Impact on medical tourism thanks to e-visa

10 January, 2015

Medical Tourism is a type of tourism where people from a country go to another country for getting some type of medical treatment. It is an immensely growing sector in India. Treatment for almost all types of diseases can be availed here and these healthcare procedures are very low-priced (typically 1/10th the cost) compared to …


Who needs a Gamma Knife Surgery?

19 August, 2014

Gamma Knife surgery is a kind of radiation therapy used to treat brain tumours and other similar abnormalities in the brain. In this surgery, specialized equipment focuses around 200 tiny beams of radiation on a tumour or any other similar target. Although a single beam has very little effect on the brain tissue which it …