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Normal Delivery? 12 Changes In Your Body

16 August, 2019

After the birth of her newborn, the mother’s life is completely governed by her little one but nevertheless, the postpartum care is important to recover from the trauma your body has suffered during delivery. There are so many changes brought by pregnancy which continue even after the baby is born. Just like pregnancy, the postpartum …


8 Moms share their Normal Delivery stories (Part 2)

5 May, 2015

Mom #1 My due date was 27th Nov. I went for normal check up on 25th Oct where the doctor recommended an ultrasound. After seeing my reports she told me “you’re about to deliver” and I was like “What? How can it be possible?” I mean I was perfectly alright and my husband was in …


10 Moms share their Normal Delivery Stories (Part 1)

5 May, 2015

Mom #1 Hello everyone mine is normal delivery. Pain started at 1 o’ clock in the morning then at 3 AM my pain increased and then at 5 AM it was unbearable. I rush to the hospital because I was not aware if it were labour pain or something else because my due was 3rd …


War Between Normal vs C-Section Delivery

17 July, 2014

Do you also find yourself teaming up with women who tout c-section as an easy and quick way to deliver the baby? Well, we agree that more and more women are subscribing to this view but – is this decision after thorough fact-finding or off-the-cuff to dodge the labor pain? Here is a quick snapshot …


C – Section Delivery – Things you should know

27 May, 2019

C section delivery is also known as Cesarean or abdominal delivery. C section is a complex procedure that includes incision in the uterus for childbirth. This process carries a lot of risks. It could be performed either by the choice of the patient or due to some emergency. What is C – Section/ Cesarean Delivery? …


10 CrediMoms Share Their #DeliveryStories

5 May, 2018

Hearing women’s stories of labor and birth can help us know what to expect and reassure us that our experiences are not unique. It goes without a shadow of a doubt that, sometimes swift, sometimes scary, delivery is an unforgettable experience! Here, parents look back on the birth of their babies and share their memories of delivery day. Below …


7 moms share their delivery stories

8 October, 2015

A night before giving birth we had a get together at home and I cooked and ate like crazy! Next day @4 am I started feeling menstrual-like cramps which were really painful but bearable. First I thought I had gastric problem as I had heavy food the previous night, then I felt those pains were …


Forceps Delivery – A Risk?

2 March, 2015

In a few cases of vaginal delivery when the labor is not progressing smoothly, doctors may recommend use of forceps to help the baby come out. Not exactly a surgical procedure but it’s a kind of assisted delivery. It is not a 100% risk-free delivery and is suggested in certain situations of labor. What is …


Bodily Changes Pregnant Women Had To Deal With

20 September, 2019

As everybody says, pregnancy is one of the beautiful processes. What is more astonishing is that a women’s body undergoes a lot of changes in these nine months to accommodate the baby. These changes include both physical and mental changes. Some of these physical modifications are noticeable, such as extending stomach and gaining weight, while …


Risks and Side Effects of IVF

24 February, 2017

In vitro fertilisation or IVF is a highly advanced procedure for infertility. Couples who cannot conceive naturally after long term of trying; opt for these treatments to conceive in medically assisted ways. The treatment begins with diagnosis of the infertility in either of the partner . Once the diagnosis is made, the medical professionals along …


When being Pregnant comes with Complications

10 August, 2016

Being Pregnant is all about the changes that take place inside woman’s body and transform her into a mother. With Pregnancy, come lot of complications like feeling nauseous, sick, experiencing fatigue, bearing strange smells etc. My complications started way before I had even conceived. I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the Fallopian tube and had …


Mommy Diaries of a Mother to Twin Girls

29 July, 2015

If you told me I would one day be a Mother of Twins, I would have never believed it. You see, it’s quite silly but I always thought those things happened to Celebrities or people with really good Genetics, but definitely not me. I considered myself a very normal person- I thought having kids would …


In defense of moms who choose to stay at home

9 July, 2015

I wanted to pen down my thoughts and views on something I strongly believe in while going through this phase of new motherhood… People have told me pregnancy is a beautiful journey. But I would beg to modify. In my opinion, pregnancy is an experience – a million moments of life that every woman should savour; …


PCOD Mom shares her pregnancy struggle

12 June, 2015

Priyanka Sheshadri, the PCOD mom, shares her pregnancy struggle and c-section experience with the New Moms Club. I got married 5 years ago…The first year we had planned but the second year my father-in-law got sick. He was bedridden and eventually passed away. We started trying from third year onwards, 6 months passed by and …


7 Moms Real C-Section Experiences (Part 3)

11 June, 2015

7 New Moms Club members share their experience having a baby through a common delivery procedure called C-section. While it was planned for some, for others it was a surprise.  I was waiting for normal delivery and the whole day I went through all kinds of normal delivery pains. But, by the end of the …


PCOD Mom shares her pregnancy experience

11 June, 2015

Harpreet Gujral Mudher, a mom suffering from PCOD, shares her pregnancy experience with the New Moms Club. I had a severe issue of PCOD and I had been to many doctors but all in vain. One of my hubby’s friend suggested us to go to Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj. I went to her and discussed all …


11 Moms share their experience with induced labour

10 June, 2015

The New Moms Club is home to thousands of women sharing their pregnancy experiences. Here are 11 moms sharing their experience with induced labour at the time of their pregnancy. Do you want to share your story? Comment below! I got induced for labour.. My doctor induced with oral tablets. And I had to take …


30 Moms Bust Pregnancy Myths!

4 June, 2015

The New Moms Club is home to thousands of mums, Here are 30 witty mums telling you the most amusing, sometimes weird, suggestions they got while they were pregnant. You won’t leave without a laugh!  My mother-in-law used to tell me…”do not cross over any wire, pipeline, rope, or any sort of divider, else my …


Real Moms, Real C-Section Experiences (Part 2)

24 April, 2015

Our Moms Club members share their candid experiences of having a C-section.  I had a bit of bleeding just a day before. I had gone for normal delivery and changed many doctors in order to have normal. Finally, i got admitted in the hospital where the doctor does 96% normal cases. Till the end everything …


Real Moms, Real C-Section Experiences (Part 1)

24 April, 2015

Our Moms Club members share their candid experiences of having a C-section. Being depressed that I couldn’t make it normally, my senses came back during the surgery, with so much pain and watery eyes, I then get to see my little Snow White. – Nitika Suri Sharma Due to IUGR, I had to have C-section at …

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