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Ladies and Babies: Part 4 – Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

19 September, 2019

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that influences a woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during certain days of the menstrual cycle, usually before the menses starts. Credihealth is back with the next topic in the series ‘Ladies and babies’. Today we will discuss PMS, its symptoms, causes, and tips to overcome those symptoms. We …


Ladies and Babies: Part 2 – Postpartum Depression

6 September, 2019

You must be waiting for the second series of Ladies and Babies. So here we are with a new topic – ‘Postpartum Depression’. We aim to educate our female population about issues and problems we often go through. Always remember, we are the ones who run the world. Let us get started with today’s topic. …


Ladies and Babies: Part 1 – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

2 September, 2019

‘Who run the world? GIRLS!’ Beyonce could not be more right when she tells us that we, girls, run this world. Both literally and biologically, the female population partakes largely in the preservation of this world. This makes women’s reproductive health all the more important. But the awareness of women’s health versus its significance is …


15 Simple And Key Nutrition Tips for Women

6 May, 2019

At the end of the day, do you worry about your eating habits? Are you concerned about the insufficient nutrients you intake because of your busy lifestyle as a working woman or a homemaker? Daily chores coupled with work and innumerable other responsibilities can compromise women nutrition. We, at Credihealth, understand you completely and thus, …


Infertility and Treatment Options

29 April, 2018

A couple is considered infertile if there is no pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse between them. Infertility is classified as primary or secondary, depending on various factors like – previous history of pregnancy, menstrual cycle history


Fertility Treatments and Ovarian Cancer Link

19 May, 2017

The link between the drugs and the treatments used to induce fertility and ovarian cancer is a complicated one. Although researchers have postulated the fact that if a woman is getting fertility help of any sorts, then they are at a sixty percent


Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Symptoms and Treatment

27 February, 2017

Menorrhagia or heavy menstrual bleeding is defined as heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, which leads to soaking a pad and/or tampon every hour and disrupts a woman’s normal activities. For women suffering from heavy menstrual periods, their whole routine is scheduled to account for these days, when their ability to carry out routine chores is …


Pregnancy Diet: Importance of Vitamins and Supplements for a Healthy Baby

12 August, 2016

<p>Pregnancy is a time that draws a lot of attention to food. Even the best efforts to include all food groups in their right amounts may create nutritional gaps in a pregnancy diet, either through cooking method or insufficient amounts of a nutri...


Post Delivery Hygiene For Mother and Baby

31 July, 2016

Hygiene is as important for a mother and the new born. Proper post delivery hygiene for mother and baby, both, ensures that the duo does not contract any infection and stays perfectly healthy. The following parameters are to be kept in mind to ensure healthy and hygienic conditions after the delivery – Keep Baby Warm It …


Female Hormones: How do they Effect Mood, Appetite and Libido?

28 July, 2016

It’s not unusual when we are asked if it is our “Time of Month,” just because we get angrier or sadder than usual in a situation. While many women find this offensive, others believe it to be true. Our hormones affect our moods and actions way more than we give them credit for. They even effect …


Pregnancy and Emotions – This is what you should know

26 June, 2015

Those pregnant or helping someone through pregnancy would be quite familiar with the emotional changes and mood swings, which are common during this time. Ranging from surprise and excitement over finding out the pregnancy to stress and anxiety over the well being of the growing baby and the changes it will bring in the couple’s …


Common Health Conditions During Pregnancy

17 September, 2019

Pregnancy is one of the precious gifts by nature to women. This brings happiness to everyone’s life. But do you know, how difficult it is to bear a baby? A pregnant woman may go through a lot of health issues and discomfort during those 9 months. These health issues may not be harmful but need …


The Ill Effects Of Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

3 September, 2019

If you are pregnant, you will have to think carefully about what you can eat and drink, and what medicines you can take. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy amounts to sharing your drink with your developing baby. The same level of alcohol you ingest is ingested by your baby. If you are thinking of having alcohol on New …


#CrediTalk: Gynaecological Misconceptions By Dr. Leena N Shreedhar

31 August, 2019

Many people in India live around many myths. Myths are nothing but a false belief or idea that people follow blindly. These false facts can have a serious impact on people’s health. Myths have been spread all over social media, which is one of the biggest sources of communicating with the whole world. Unfortunately, we …


# CrediTalk: An Interview With Dr. Leena Sreedhar On Gynaecological Diseases In India

30 August, 2019

<p>Women in India are suffering from various Gynecologic problems these days. The reasons could be a harmful lifestyle or unhealthy food habits. Another reason for gynaecological problems is lack of awareness. People do not go for routine checkups...


Mistakes Most Women Make During Their Period

27 August, 2019

The menstrual cycle is a normal and natural change that occurs in the female reproductive system. Periods are also essential to make pregnancy possible. There is nothing extra-ordinary about periods. This cycle is necessary for the production of oocytes. The period is a sign that your body is working normally. Menstruation is the shedding of …


Some Natural Ways For Pregnancy Stretch Marks Removal

16 August, 2019

Are you shy of wearing saree due to pregnancy stretch marks on your stomach? Does this affect your confidence somehow? Is pregnancy stretch mark removal a very difficult task? These are some questions that arise among new mothers post-pregnancy. The rapid expansion of skin during pregnancy leads to stretch marks which is very common among …


Normal Delivery? 12 Changes In Your Body

16 August, 2019

After the birth of her newborn, the mother’s life is completely governed by her little one but nevertheless, the postpartum care is important to recover from the trauma your body has suffered during delivery. There are so many changes brought by pregnancy which continue even after the baby is born. Just like pregnancy, the postpartum …


C – Section Delivery – Things you should know

27 May, 2019

C section delivery is also known as Cesarean or abdominal delivery. C section is a complex procedure that includes incision in the uterus for childbirth. This process carries a lot of risks. It could be performed either by the choice of the patient or due to some emergency. What is C – Section/ Cesarean Delivery? …


5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

14 March, 2019

It is great news and you want to share but before you make that announcement, you want to be sure that you are pregnant. There are few early signs of pregnancy that show up as early as six weeks and can help us confirm pregnancy. You can check your Due date on our pregnancy calculator which …

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