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Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

15 November, 2014

<p>What Is COPD? COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a lung disease that makes breathing difficult due to obstruction of the airways. The airways are inflamed and thickened, and the lung tissue involved in exchange of oxygen may also ...


Lifestyle Disease FAQLifestyle Disease FAQ

30 April, 2015

1. What is a lifestyle disease? A lifestyle disease is one which appears in societies where people live long and have individualized their lifestyle patterns. Evidently, a lifestyle disease is always an outcome of the patient’s lifestyle and is known to become a part of the person’s life sooner or later, since it is a …


Pulmonary Function Test: FAQsPulmonary Function Test: FAQs

5 January, 2015

What is lung function test/Pulmonary function test/spirometry? Pulmonary Function Test or lung function test is a medical procedure that involves an evaluation of the respiratory system of the patient. This test is carried out to measure the function of lung capacity along with testing the lung and chest wall mechanics. The pulmonary function test procedure …


Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta – Common Lung and Respiratory DiseasesDr. Kailash Nath Gupta – Common Lung and Respiratory Diseases

14 August, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta, Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon talk about the different diseases he treats including T.B., asthma, COPD, fibrosis, lung cancer, and respiratory failures. He elaborates on the different lung surgerie...


Congenital Heart Disease: Newborn SurgeryCongenital Heart Disease: Newborn Surgery

21 November, 2013

<p>Though the exact reason has not yet been pinned but the cases of congenital heart defects is on the rise among newborn. Research shows that nearly 1% babies are born with an imperfection in the heart’s structure. It is a matter of great worry a...


10 Things to do for Healthy Lungs10 Things to do for Healthy Lungs

24 July, 2016

Lungs work round the clock, taking in air from the outside environment and making sure it reaches every single cell in the body. In that respect, these delicate organs are directly exposed to the outside environment, and contact with any harmful substance threatens the lung’s ability to function properly. While the body does have a natural defense …


10 Signs of Unhealthy Body10 Signs of Unhealthy Body

20 June, 2016

Long before that trip to the hospital becomes an absolute necessity with a threatening illness, the body gives out a number of indications that it is not in the best of health. Pay attention to the following 10 signs of unhealthy body, to know if something is not right and control these symptoms from becoming a major …


How to Save Kids From Air Pollution?How to Save Kids From Air Pollution?

18 June, 2016

<p>It&#8217;s everywhere in the news. New Delhi has been compared to the infamous air pollution in the city of Beijing, China. Air pollution measures are sky-high and the government is trying to figure out a way to deal with this alarming issue. M...


10 Health Issues Most Men Ignore10 Health Issues Most Men Ignore

16 June, 2016

Men are focused at being healthy only to the extent that their bodies appear fit and they have a toned physique. Most men however, fail to notice alarming health issues and even if they do, they tend to ignore them. Several researches conducted prove that men visit a doctor only when their problems become severe. Given below are 10 …


Why did my doctor refer me to another specialist?Why did my doctor refer me to another specialist?

18 December, 2014

<p>The sole reason you visit a doctor is because you expect answers for the symptoms you have been having, and to be handed a clear diagnosis. However, you find that the process isn&#8217;t always as simple as visiting a doctor and being handed tr...


Understanding Lung Cancer – What it is, how it happens & moreUnderstanding Lung Cancer – What it is, how it happens & more

17 November, 2014

<p>What is lung cancer? It is the cancer that develops in the tissues of lung. More often than not, a lung tumour originates in the walls of the large, branching airways of the lung, the bronchi. More than 20 different types of tumours can develop...


Are you at risk for lung cancer?Are you at risk for lung cancer?

15 November, 2014

Being positive for a lung cancer risk factor means that the person is more likely to develop this particular cancer. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are bound to get the disease – It is probable that many people who actually develop this cancer may not even check positive for a single risk factor. …


This is when you should visit a PulmonologistThis is when you should visit a Pulmonologist

15 November, 2014

<p>Pulmonary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders and diseases that affect the lungs. The specialists that deal with pulmonary medicine can diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of pulmonary diseases that include lung disea...


Beating Heart Bypass Surgery – Things You Should KnowBeating Heart Bypass Surgery – Things You Should Know

5 March, 2017

<p>Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG), commonly referred Bypass Surgery, is a surgical procedure that redirects blood flow around a blockage or narrowed section in the major arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the heart. A cardiac surgeon c...


Atrial Septal Defect / Hole in Heart – Things You Should KnowAtrial Septal Defect / Hole in Heart – Things You Should Know

15 February, 2017

<p>Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), commonly known as Hole in Heart, is a congenital disorder of the heart that involves a hole in the wall (septum) that divides the two upper chambers of the heart. The defect causes freshly oxygenated blood in the upp...


Treatment for Kids with Cardiac DefectsTreatment for Kids with Cardiac Defects

7 October, 2016

<p>Parents of children born with cardiac defects have an inborn anxiety with the overall performance of their child since they got to know about their child’s disease. It is essential to understand that based on the initial diagnosis by the doctor...


Heart Valve Surgery – Effects on the BodyHeart Valve Surgery – Effects on the Body

5 October, 2016

<p>Heart pumps blood in only one direction and to ensure smooth flow of blood through the heart, we have valves. Basically, four valves are present in the heart: pulmonary, tricuspid, mitral and aortic, with each responsible to ensure that the blo...


Pregnancy & Heart ProblemsPregnancy & Heart Problems

14 June, 2016

Modern day women are experiencing new lifestyle changes which result in too much stress, late motherhood and unfortunately complications related to pregnancy. According a trusted gynecologist in Gurgaon, There has been an alarming rise in the number of women who have difficulty in conceiving and even higher number of women who go through a high-risk maternity …


Chronic Leukaemias: CML, CLL, VTEChronic Leukaemias: CML, CLL, VTE

26 February, 2015

Any blood forming cells or lymphoid cells inside our body can turn into a leukaemia cell. Once this change has taken place, the leukaemia cells are not able to go through their normal process of maturing. They might reproduce too quickly, but in a majority of cases the issue is that they don’t mature die …


Thoracoscopy FAQThoracoscopy FAQ

14 February, 2015

What is thoracoscopy? Thoracoscopy is a procedure that allows internal examination, biopsy and surgical removal of the disease of the affected parts within the lungs, the area between the lungs (mediastinum) and the lining of the chest cavity and the membrane covering the lungs (pleura). The thoracoscopy procedure involves insertion of thin, flexible tube in …

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