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World Pneumonia Day 2019

12 November, 2019

Winter is here and it has brought along with it a striking sun, breezy winds, and horrific ailments for all. With the season changing so rapidly, we are all now accustomed to hearing a cough or a sneeze every few minutes. And so, November is our chance to raise awareness about one of the scariest …


How to Identify Pneumonia in Newborns

10 November, 2019

Pneumonia is an infection of the lung which is caused by a virus or bacteria. The occurrence of pneumonia can be sudden, within a day or two or it may build over a period of several days. Vaccinating the baby is the most effective way of keeping it safe from pneumonia in newborn. Depending on …


#CrediTalk: Tips For Taking Care of Children on Diwali with Dr. Sanjay Wazir

26 October, 2019

<p>Diwali festivities are eye magnets for Indians, especially children. What could be better than approximately a week of holidays, gifts, chocolates, lights, parties and sparkles? Even adults are fascinated by the extravagant jubilation. But Diwa...


Asthma Causes And Risk Factors

3 May, 2019

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 15-20 million Indians suffer from asthma. Despite the increasing numbers of asthmatics, the discussion and knowledge about Asthma causes and risk factors remain underrated in the country. Let’s talk about the complex disease and remove the guess-work. What is Asthma? Should you be concerned? Asthma (also known …


Frequently Asked Questions About Asthma Attack

20 April, 2019

Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by recurrent attacks of choking and wheezing. An asthma attack is the most common chronic disease among children. Currently, 235 million people suffer from Asthma. So, in this article let’s talk about what are the frequently asked questions about asthma. What is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic allergic inflammatory …


Tuberculosis Symptoms, Signs And Prevention Tips

23 March, 2019

In today’s time of pollution and unhealthy lifestyle choice; keeping yourself safe and healthy against diseases is the biggest challenge. Your thinking, lifestyle, schedule, eating habits and everything you do affect your health. Then, why do most people fail in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and habits? The reason is unawareness. Not everyone is …


5 Superfoods For Your Healthy Lungs

8 July, 2018

We are inhaling dangerous levels of pollution these days. While the Indian government and people, in general, roam around on the roads oblivious to the damage that is being done to their bodies, researchers and environmentalists are in horror of its future implications. Contrary to what most people believe – breathing in the polluted air …


10 Signs of Unhealthy Body

20 June, 2018

Long before that trip to the hospital becomes an absolute necessity with a threatening illness, the body gives out a number of indications that it is not in the best of health. Pay attention to the following 10 signs of unhealthy body, to know if something is not right and control these symptoms from becoming a major …


Lung Transplant: Things to Keep in Mind

25 March, 2017

Lung transplant like all other major transplant surgeries is a careful and thought after procedure, which is done only when all other therapeutic options to treat the patient have not been successful to cure the ailment, or there is irreparable damage. This is mostly done is cases like extreme cases of cystic fibrosis, and COPD. …


10 Things to do for Healthy Lungs

24 July, 2016

Lungs work round the clock, taking in air from the outside environment and making sure it reaches every single cell in the body. In that respect, these delicate organs are directly exposed to the outside environment, and contact with any harmful substance threatens the lung’s ability to function properly. While the body does have a natural defense …


How to Save Kids From Air Pollution?

18 June, 2016

It’s everywhere in the news. New Delhi has been compared to the infamous air pollution in the city of Beijing, China. Air pollution measures are sky-high and the government is trying to figure out a way to deal with this alarming issue. Meanwhile, the people with tiny lungs, the future of our nation, need protection …


Questions To Ask Your Doctor about Lung Cancer

15 November, 2014

Being handed a diagnosis of lung cancer can be a stressful event for the patient and the family. With questions and concerns regarding the severity of cancer, possible causes, treatment options and prognosis running through one’s mind, there’s plenty a patient dealing with the disease has to talk about with the doctor. For no matter …


This is when you should visit a Pulmonologist

15 November, 2014

Pulmonary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders and diseases that affect the lungs. The specialists that deal with pulmonary medicine can diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of pulmonary diseases that include lung diseases, pulmonary infections, and other breathing problems, along with disorders associated with blood vessels of the lungs. …


Sleep Apnea: Basic Facts You Should Know

31 March, 2014

Sleep Apnea (OSA), is a medical condition where the upper airway of the nose collapses, when sleeping, leading to periodical pauses in the flow of breathing. If ignored, you could land serious health problems and a demoted quality of life. When you find yourself continuously tossing and turning on the bed with breaks in you sleep …

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