Renal Biopsy Articles


Renal Cell Cancer, Bladder Cancer, and Testicular Cancer – What you should know

12 August, 2015

<p>Renal Cell Cancer Renal Cell Cancer is a type of cancer in the kidney, which originates in the lining of the proximal convoluted tubule. This tubule is a part of very small tubes in the kidney, which transport waste molecules from the blood int...


Robotic Surgery Procedures FAQ

24 November, 2014

Most common Robotic Surgery procedures?  The most common procedures executed using Robotic Surgery are: Prostrate Removal Gallbladder Removal Repairing Heart valve Shrinking Stomach Transplanting organ Which procedures have been performed using Robotic Surgery? It is also used for procedures like: Abdominal and colon and rectal conditions like gallbladder cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, …


10 Common Diagnostic Tests In Urology

13 November, 2014

This article discusses various diagnostic procedures most often recommended by urologists to analyze the health of the urinary system. Urine Analysis – It is the simplest evaluation of the urine. Various components of urine are examined via various techniques. Microscopic examination of the urine sample is performed to look for any abnormal organisms, blood cells …


Blood in urine? It might be Hematuria

11 November, 2014

Why is there blood in my urine? Anxious to see blood in urine – it could indicate nothing or a serious medical disorder. Find out the cause and cure of your worry. What is Hematuria? Appearance of blood in the urine is medically known as ‘hematuria.’ It may occur due to heavy exercise or a …


The Connection between Glomerulonephritis & UTI

12 August, 2014

Glomerulonephritis is a progressive kidney disease that affects the glomeruli. The glomeruli are a part of the kidney and are responsible for filtering the waste from the blood and producing urine. In glomerulonephritis, the glomeruli are inflamed as a result of which they are unable to filter the urine properly.  This results in an excess …


Worried about Prostate Cancer? Here are 6 ways to treat it

28 March, 2014

Prostate is the male sex gland located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum, and is responsible for the production of an alkaline secretion. Prostate cancer is among the most treatable malignancies if detected in the early stages. Routine screening and innovative technology has improved the diagnostic abilities and minimized the side effects …

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