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Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta – Common Lung and Respiratory DiseasesDr. Kailash Nath Gupta – Common Lung and Respiratory Diseases

14 August, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Kailash Nath Gupta, Pulmonologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurgaon talk about the different diseases he treats including T.B., asthma, COPD, fibrosis, lung cancer, and respiratory failures. He elaborates on the different lung surgerie...


Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Life with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

15 November, 2014

<p>What Is COPD? COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a lung disease that makes breathing difficult due to obstruction of the airways. The airways are inflamed and thickened, and the lung tissue involved in exchange of oxygen may also ...


Men’s health: 6 common diseasesMen’s health: 6 common diseases

13 September, 2014

<p>Numerous researches conducted on the subject have proved that from the time of birth to the time of death, women are comparatively healthier than men. Out of all the leading health scares that cause death, it is only with Alzheimer’s disease th...


Dr. Tara Rawat – Respiratory Symptoms To Get CheckedDr. Tara Rawat – Respiratory Symptoms To Get Checked

21 August, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Tara Rawat, Senior Consultant Pulmonologist at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Gurgaon mention respiratory diseases people need to get checked which include diseases associated to smoking, TB, difficulty breathing, air pollution, etc. ...


Fever: Is it a symptom or a disease?Fever: Is it a symptom or a disease?

28 March, 2014

<p>A healthy person’s body temperature fluctuates between 97°F (36.1°C) and 100°F (37.8°C), with the average being 98.6°F (37°C). An elevation in body temperature above 100°F (37.8°C) is termed as fever. Fever is a symptom and not a disease and ca...


Congenital Heart Disease: Newborn SurgeryCongenital Heart Disease: Newborn Surgery

21 November, 2013

<p>Though the exact reason has not yet been pinned but the cases of congenital heart defects is on the rise among newborn. Research shows that nearly 1% babies are born with an imperfection in the heart’s structure. It is a matter of great worry a...


10 Diseases pets can transmit to humans10 Diseases pets can transmit to humans

19 November, 2013

<p>Zoonoses or Zoonotic Illnesses are the diseases that animals transmit to humans. There are more than 39 such diseases which animals directly transmit to humans, more than 48 diseases which humans get from bug bites that feasted on an infected a...


World Environment Day: Let’s Live More With LessWorld Environment Day: Let’s Live More With Less

5 June, 2017

Every year on June 5, people across the globe use “World Environment Day” as an opportunity to speculate about how their actions affect climate change, the natural world, and their own health. Connecting People to Nature’ is the theme for World En...


Global Handwashing WeekGlobal Handwashing Week

17 October, 2016

Every year since 2008,October 15 when Global Handwashing Day was introduced to reduce child mortality rates around the world, it is celebrated as Global Hand washing Day to increase awareness about importance of washing hands. Global Handwashing Week provides a platform to design creative ways to encourage people to take up washing hands with soap …


Killer Swine Flu: Here’s How To Stay SafeKiller Swine Flu: Here’s How To Stay Safe

2 March, 2015

<p>Swine flu is a type of respiratory disease caused by H1N1 virus which affect respiratory tract of pigs. Commonly presents with cough which may be of barking nature, nasal secretions, fever, headache, decreased appetite and restless behaviour. S...


Asthma FAQsAsthma FAQs

23 January, 2015

What is Asthma? It is a widespread chronic disease in which the airways of your body are severely affected. It leads to a condition where your airways that transmit air from the lungs and back, become tapered, swell and start producing large amounts of mucus.  Persons, young or adult, who suffer from this inflammatory disease, are …


Pulmonary Function Test: FAQsPulmonary Function Test: FAQs

5 January, 2015

What is lung function test/Pulmonary function test/spirometry? Pulmonary Function Test or lung function test is a medical procedure that involves an evaluation of the respiratory system of the patient. This test is carried out to measure the function of lung capacity along with testing the lung and chest wall mechanics. The pulmonary function test procedure …


How do I know I have Lung Cancer?How do I know I have Lung Cancer?

15 November, 2014

Cancer of the lung is not the easiest to diagnose in its early stages, primarily due to generic symptoms that could be mistaken for any other respiratory disease. Another hindrance in timely diagnosis is the patient himself/herself, who blames his/her own lifestyle for the ‘side effects’, and avoids timely diagnosis. However, it’s not all bad …


This is when you should visit a PulmonologistThis is when you should visit a Pulmonologist

15 November, 2014

<p>Pulmonary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with disorders and diseases that affect the lungs. The specialists that deal with pulmonary medicine can diagnose, manage and treat a wide range of pulmonary diseases that include lung disea...


Life with AsthmaLife with Asthma

15 November, 2014

What is Asthma? Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease in which the airways inside the lungs become red and swollen, making them extra-sensitive to certain triggers from the environment. When a person with sensitized airways breathes in a trigger, the airways swell more and secrete mucous. The muscles of the airways contract, making it difficult …


Air Pollution: The Real EvilAir Pollution: The Real Evil

7 October, 2014

There is a ring of festivity in the air at this time of the year. Dusshera, the celebration of good over evil is observed with much fanfare all over the country. The most symbolic event of the festival is the burning of Ravan effigy, with an elaborate display of fireworks and crackers. However, the temporary …


How can I quit smoking?How can I quit smoking?

14 April, 2017

Nicotine is the primary addictive substance in cigarettes. It causes harm to many parts of the body, including the Brain, Lungs, Heart, and Kidney. Smoking is one of the leading causes of Cancer, as well as many other diseases. Smoking leads to: Heart Diseases Strokes Bronchitis Emphysema Cataract Bone Diseases Pregnancy Problems Sudden Infant Death …


Breastfeeding Benefits: For Moms & BabiesBreastfeeding Benefits: For Moms & Babies

13 April, 2017

<p>Benefits to the Mother Breastfeeding benefits the mother in many ways, such as: It may help to shrink back the Uterus to Pre-pregnancy size It also induces to lose Pregnancy weight It reduces the risk of Pre-menopausal Breast Cancer, Ovarian Ca...


6 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (Age Group 27-35 Years)6 Diagnostic Tests to Have Every Year (Age Group 27-35 Years)

2 March, 2017

<p>In today&#8217;s world which is marked by frequent distractions, stressful lifestyles, polluted environments and sitting jobs, taking care of your health is an imperative. No matter what your age, but a yearly health check up can not just preve...


Atrial Septal Defect / Hole in Heart – Things You Should KnowAtrial Septal Defect / Hole in Heart – Things You Should Know

15 February, 2017

<p>Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), commonly known as Hole in Heart, is a congenital disorder of the heart that involves a hole in the wall (septum) that divides the two upper chambers of the heart. The defect causes freshly oxygenated blood in the upp...

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