Teeth Whitening Articles


3 Teeth Whitening Procedures3 Teeth Whitening Procedures

3 August, 2015

People have started realizing the importance of a bright smile and therefore, have been visiting cosmetic dentist clinics for a fresh look on their face more frequently now. Recently, the introduction of snap on a celebrity smile in the US market has shown that people are ready to undergo cosmetic treatments to look and feel …


Teeth Whitening FAQsTeeth Whitening FAQs

23 January, 2015

What is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening, which is also called Dental Bleaching is a cosmetic process by which teeth can be whitened and lightened, to remove stains and discoloration and to give you a perfect smile without yellow teeth. What is the difference between whitening and scaling? Teeth whitening is a cosmetic process that whitens …


Teeth Whitening MethodsTeeth Whitening Methods

9 January, 2015

Teeth whitening (also called dental bleaching) is a process of whitening and lightening the teeth by removing any kind of stains or discoloration. It is a cosmetic procedure that mainly focuses on making the teeth look white, unlike scaling, a process that mainly involves the removal of plaque and tarter. Many people develop darker spots …


Dr. Ritika Malhotra – Advantages of Teeth Whitening ProcedureDr. Ritika Malhotra – Advantages of Teeth Whitening Procedure

7 July, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Ritika Malhotra, Consultant Dental Sciences, FMRI Gurgaon, talk about cosmetic dentistry which includes smile design (teeth whitening, fixing gaps, chipping, etc). Dr. Malhotra elaborates on teeth whitening also called teeth bleaching...


Teeth Whitening – Are you ready?Teeth Whitening – Are you ready?

10 March, 2014

<p>Teeth Whitening or Dental Bleaching is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry. The whitening procedure restores the natural color of the teeth and bleaching whitens a few shades higher than whitening. Only people with healthy t...


Teeth sensitivity: 6 common causesTeeth sensitivity: 6 common causes

9 January, 2015

It may so happen that every now and then you have experienced a sharp pain in your teeth while having something hot or cold. Our teeth has a protective covering called the enamel on the part which is visible to us while the part of the teeth which is below the gum line is protected …


Smile Enhancement Techniques Used by 4 CelebritiesSmile Enhancement Techniques Used by 4 Celebrities

3 August, 2015

<p>Flashing a million dollar smile is a factor that turns events and happenings into epic memories. Thanks to a world full of smartphones, we have now entered into a world of selfies and smiling memories shared across various social networks. Can ...


Oral hygiene: Products and lifestyle changesOral hygiene: Products and lifestyle changes

3 August, 2015

<p>Keeping oral hygiene as a top priority in your daily routine is a great way to avoid several complicated health problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and so on. Progressive dementia is also known to be linked with poor oral hygiene. ...


Smile Enhancement: Do you need it?Smile Enhancement: Do you need it?

9 January, 2015

Smile enhancement is a procedure that improves the appearance of one’s smile to a considerable extent through a number of processes related to cosmetic dentistry. Some of them include composite bonding, tooth implants, dental veneers, teeth whitening etc. Smile makeover is not a process that you need to perform; rather it is one that you …


Why You Should Treat Cavities ASAPWhy You Should Treat Cavities ASAP

15 November, 2013

What are Cavities? Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay or caries, are structurally damaged areas in the hard surface of the teeth that transform into holes or openings in the teeth. It is one of the most common health concerns in the world and can affect anyone who has teeth, but occurs more commonly …


Dr. Sanjit Singh – Regular Dental Checkups Smile DesigningDr. Sanjit Singh – Regular Dental Checkups Smile Designing

16 August, 2014

<p>Watch Dr. Sanjit Singh, Consultant Dental surgeon, Max Super Speciality hospital, New Delhi talks about the smile designing in a matter of about two weeks. He encourages regular cleaning of teeth, flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day. T...

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