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Wisdom Tooth – Things to Know

27 June, 2016

What is Wisdom Tooth? What is Impacted Wisdom Tooth? The third and ultimate set of molar that grows in an individual’s mouth at the end of the teenage years or during the early twenties is called wisdom tooth. Impacted Wisdom Tooth is present at the back of the mouth that do not have enough room to …


Why You Should Treat Cavities ASAP

15 November, 2013

What are Cavities? Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay or caries, are structurally damaged areas in the hard surface of the teeth that transform into holes or openings in the teeth. It is one of the most common health concerns in the world and can affect anyone who has teeth, but occurs more commonly …


5 Common Dental Procedures

19 May, 2016

Quite a lot of people are overwhelmed by the thought of a visit to the dentist and procrastinate doing so for as long as they can. Whether it is because of the protracted time-frame since there since their last dental exam or nervousness about the state of their teeth and gums, avoiding the dentist is …


Dental Implants FAQs

23 January, 2015

What are dental implants? A dental implant is basically a simple surgical instrument which comes in use of supporting one or more false teeth. It is a screw made of the metal Titanium that is used to replace the lost natural tooth and its root. It can be placed in a jaw bone in a …


Wisdom Teeth: All you need to know

9 January, 2015

What are they? The wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, which erupt around the age of 17-25, in each quadrant- upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left-of the mouth. They are referred to as wisdom teeth because of their late timing in showing up, which is the age when a person enters …


Milk teeth to Permanent teeth

9 January, 2015

What are milk teeth? When a baby is born, he/she has a total of 20 milk teeth that are concealed within the gums and out of which none show up until six months of age. As the kid is about three years old, all of the primary teeth show up. Among these milk teeth (also …


Teeth sensitivity: 6 common causes

9 January, 2015

It may so happen that every now and then you have experienced a sharp pain in your teeth while having something hot or cold. Our teeth has a protective covering called the enamel on the part which is visible to us while the part of the teeth which is below the gum line is protected …


Rare Story: Boy with 260 teeth

25 November, 2014

Rare story! A 17-year old boy, Ashik Gavai, born in a family of cotton growers near Mumbai underwent a six hours long dental operation at JJ Hospital in Mumbai to remove 232 teeth which had grown as a result of a rare condition called composite odontoma. He had a benign tumour in his mouth which …

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