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10 Tips To Help Your Child Gain Weight

14 October, 2018

Most parents are worried about their child’s weight. A child who is thin in comparison to other children who are the same age – can send parents into a panic. When Is A Child Considered Underweight? A child is considered underweight when her/his weight is below the normal weight expected for children of that age. …


Plan Your Meal Plate With Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

22 February, 2019

A vegan diet is one of the most beneficial methods to deal with weight reduction. Plant-based food sources like vegetables, whole grains and fruits are packed with fibre that can make you feel full with fewer calories, and help you avoid unnecessary weight gain. Moreover, they likewise reduce coronary illness. Following a vegan diet is …


Top Indian Healthy Snacks to carry to the office for weight loss

15 January, 2019

Shifting to Bangalore for my first job was really exciting as I have always dreamt of living in the Bangalore, – the city of happenings. Yes, that was my first job as Associate in a leading company (that I got through campus recruitment). It all went fine until one day when I felt that my …


Special Care For Babies With Low Birth Weight

12 November, 2018

Babies come in all shapes, sizes, so some are bound to be smaller and some may appear bigger. Therefore, let us dive deeper into the area of care of the preterm and low-birth-weight newborns. What is a Low Birth Weight? It’s a term used to describe babies who are born weighing less than 2.500grams or …


How to Lose Weight and Detox after Diwali

8 November, 2018

It goes without a shadow of a doubt that Diwali is the sweetest occasion in the world. It’s during Diwali that one faces the temptation to indulge in one mithai after another along with snacks and drinks. Due to this one’s healthy diet plan goes for a toss, playing havoc with one’s health. Diwali is …


Weight Watchers! Start Moving……

29 June, 2018

A sluggish routine, together with unhealthy eating habits and less to absolutely no workout or physical exercises has resulted in increasing number of overweight individuals. The problem here is threefold, a side effect of prosperity, stress and the lack of time for maintaining one’s health. Eating out frequently leads to increased calorie intake – one …


Eating Pasta Linked to Weight Loss, Says Study

12 April, 2018

Have you been craving for pasta but you think your weight loss goals may get affected? Well, according to a recent research, not anymore. How you ask? Read on! There are four key biomolecules, also known as nutrients, which ensure the body is supplied with all the energy necessary to sustain normal day to day …


A New Mom’s Secret to Weight Loss!

1 September, 2015

I’m a busy mum and couldn’t type it neatly as my princess was trying her best to distract her momma. Here are simplified tips for weight loss and diet plan. First of all, I would like to say that you need to love your body, because if you love something then you go beyond expectations …


The Right Weight for Your Height

5 September, 2014

Puberty does not hit any two children at the exact same time. Some children start developing as early as the age of eight, while others start showing signs of development as late as fourteen. Similarly, two children when put together, will show different types of body shape – lean, muscular, thin, chubby, obese etc. This …


7-Step guide to losing weight: For Teens

17 June, 2014

1. What’s the first thing you can do to lose weight? Set a goal! Find out your ideal weight according to your height and compare it to your current weight. Accordingly, set a goal for yourself (a realistic one) and pledge to follow through. Losing weight to a healthy weight is great for your quality …


Bariatric Surgery: Lose weight instantly

12 March, 2014

What is bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery makes changes to the digestive tract so that food intake is restricted, food is not broken down in the stomach, and/or its absorption in the intestine is constrained. A reduction in a number of nutrients absorbed by the body allows patients to lose weight and counter the various risks posed …


BMI: Risks of being underweight & overweight

10 March, 2014

About BMI The Body Mass Index (BMI), or Quetelet Index, is a measure of the human body shape, based on mass and height. To calculate BMI, divide the body mass by the square of his height. The result derived is in units of kg/m2 or lb/in2. BMI calculation is easy and inexpensive. It is one of the best methods for assessment …


Why Alkalizing Your Body Is A Must

12 December, 2018

Isn’t it a really hard to believe fact that the overall health of our body is dependent mostly on the pH levels of the body? The ideal blood pH is of around 7.4. This is a slightly alkaline value and is usually maintained naturally by our body. There should be no surprise that the multifaceted …


Diwali Health Tips: Healthy Diwali, Safe Diwali

3 November, 2018

With Diwali, the festival of lights around the corner, which calls for lights, colors, crackers and sweets. It is during this auspicious time that families get together and celebrate. However, Diwali is also inundated with unwanted accidents and health hazards. The festival exposes you to fire, smoke, high doses of artery-clogging fats you consume beyond the …


Diwali Diet – How much sugar is OK?

2 November, 2018

Festive season is round the corner and that is synonymous with hearty foods and sweets! Between hosting parties and meeting friends and family, the time around Diwali can be tough on most people who otherwise like to control the calories they consume. Add to that, the sugar indulgences in form of mithai and other desserts, …


8 Super Foods To Crush Estrogen Imbalance

24 July, 2018

Today’s stressful life, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise are affecting people’s healthy lifestyle. What you eat not only reflects your health, it also reflects your personality, and how you behave. You may wonder how so? Hormones present in the food that you eat are responsible for that. There are so many hormones that …


Life after Kidney Transplant

15 July, 2018

Kidneys are one of the most vital organs of the body. They help release toxic waste matter from the body’s system by acting as a filter. This filtration process helps the body to be clean and toxic free and function well. Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs situated on the two sides of the spinal cord …


Top Chocolate Myths You Need To Know

4 July, 2018

What is that one thing which kids and adults love to eat alike? Chocolates, of course. No prizes for guessing though. Chocolate is one such thing that attracts everyone. A small bite never does any harm right? But wait, every time you unwrap the delightful sin 100s of thoughts start hovering over. What are these …


10 Tips To Feed Your Picky Eater

25 June, 2018

Are you the parent of a picky eater? Don’t worry. Don’t be sad. Don’t get depressed. As almost every child is a picky eater at some point in life. Picky eating is actually a developmental stage in childhood and it emerges from “Neophobia” which is the fear of trying new foods. Neophobia is a protective …


Thyroid Disease & Pregnancy

26 April, 2018

Untreated thyroid diseases during pregnancy may lead to premature birth, preeclampsia (a severe increase in blood pressure), miscarriage, and low birth weight among other problems. Therefore, here in this article we are going to talk about the relationship between thyroid and pregnancy in depth. Thyroid Disorders Thyroid disorders can be primarily of two types: Hypothyroidism: …