The disease burden that our country has been carrying over the many, many years is no secret. And although not an India-centric problem alone – with over 15 million deaths occurring worldwide because of widespread diseases – the lack of basic sanitation, hygiene and unavailability of clean, fresh drinking water continue to plague India, making it one of the most vulnerable countries for communicable diseases and deaths.

Here is a list of some of the most common diseases affecting our country this year.

1. Tuberculosis – This remains India’s biggest health issue…even today, about five lakh deaths are reported every year due to TB.
2. Malaria – The fact that this is a disease where transmission takes place through mosquitoes might have been discovered by Ronald Ross way back in 1897…but till today, it continues to be one of the most widespread of diseases the world over, especially in India.
3. Typhoid – Another major global health concern, the outbreak of typhoid in tropical, developing countries like ours often results in a very high rate of mortality. It’s reported that almost 80% of all cases occur in Asia, among them, India accounting for the largest number of cases.
4. Hepatitis – Essentially an inflammation of the liver that finally may lead to its inability to perform vital life-saving functions, symptoms in Hepatitis differ according to its cause and general health of the person.
5. Jaundice – Considered more of a symptom than a disease, jaundice, caused by an excess presence of bilirubin in the system, continues to be a debilitating condition for those affected.
6. Diarrhoeal Diseases Diarrhoea remains one of the biggest health issues in our country today, making children below five years of age, its most susceptible victims.
7. Cholera – With its dangerous potential to spread at vicious speed and to cause painful deaths, a cholera epidemic is one of the most frightening till date.
8. Influenza With the possibility of an outbreak almost every year, in almost every country, the frequency, speed and easiness with which influenza spreads, makes it one of the most difficult viruses to curb.
9. Filariasis – Caused by a parasite from the nematode family, WHO estimates that 751 million people are susceptible to this infection.
10. Amoebiasis – An infection in the gastrointestinal tract, caused by a parasite, amoebiases is a fairly common infection, affecting people worldwide, and about 15% of the population in our country.


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