Each year, millions of homeowners around the globe decide to plant beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetable gardens, and just about anything else that they can grow. But some types of planting becomes a lot trendy or than others every year.

Garden centers and online retailers readily accommodate happy homeowners with fresh seed packages, bags of soil, hanging baskets, patio containers, and everything else they’ll need to begin their wonderful gardening adventure.


And this is an exciting time for everyone because we all want to know what the next big thing in gardening is going to be, so we’d like to share some of the more interesting and exhilarating things happening in 2019.

Are you ready to discover the latest planting trends? We’ll tell you about the wonderful things happening in the world of gardening and planting in 2019. You can use this information to improve your gardening skills and abilities as soon as you’re ready.

Did You Know That Certain Plants Do Not Require Water?


This summer has been particularly hot and many plants have struggled to grow and survive because of the oppressive heat. But out of every plant this year, an exciting plant that flowers known as the Calibrachoa is clearly the winner.

What makes it so sensational? This mini petunia is fabulous because it does not demand a lot of time and attention. Even more important, it likes the soil to remain on the dry side. So if you’re worried about a heat wave killing off this fabulous plant, you shouldn’t worry any longer because it will actually thrive in this environment because it likes the relentless heat.

The interesting thing is the Calibrachoa has been around since the 1990s. It’s marketed as Million Bells, but it’s only becoming very popular this year. Some gardeners joke because it’s actually easier to grow this plant than it is to spell its name! And it’s a great choice whether you’re trying to grow it in a window box, a basket, or a pot because it will grow 8 to 10 inches with the greatest of ease.

To get this plant to grow, you can place it in the sun or partially in the shade and it will still grow like a weed. Just know that once a week you need to feed it with diluted liquid fertilizer. But if you feed it a few extra times a week, it will even grow faster.

Dahlias Have Reached the Height of Popularity Once Again. But What about the Humble Begonia?


Most people wouldn’t believe it if you told them that dahlias are very popular right now. But it’s absolutely the truth and you can prove it by looking at the photos on the social media feeds of avid gardeners spread out all across the world.

On the other hand, begonias have fallen out of favor years ago and they are definitely due for a comeback, right? The great thing about begonias is the flower is weather proof so you can leave it in the most extreme types of weather and it will still survive and thrive.

Even more exciting, if you create a garden this autumn you’ll notice that your begonias are the flowers that will still be standing after everything else has withered away and died. Because these hearty flowers are strong and live incredibly healthy and thriving lives.

Low Maintenance Gardens Are Definitely the Way to Go


Tree planting experts in TX understand the value of low maintenance gardens. They know that the messier their garden happens to be; the more stressful it’s going to be as well. So instead of being completely overwhelmed by an experience that is supposed to relax you, you need to take steps to simplify your garden in 2019. Otherwise, your garden is going to create added stress and misery to an already difficult life.

But your garden doesn’t need to become a burden. First off, you should focus on growing perennial plants. These are the type of plants that will come back and regrow each year. You can put them together in groups based on their watering needs.

Next, get rid of the messy shrubs or trees that aren’t offering any ecological benefits. If you have a tree or shrub that is constantly littering your pool or pond, it’s time to uproot it and take it away.

Putting an irrigation system in your garden is definitely a great idea. It will handle all of the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to work so hard to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Make sure to do your homework when choosing hardscaping materials. Pick quality stones that don’t need constant cleaning and repairs. You’ll be glad that you did your research first so you don’t have to do so much additional work later.

Bottom Line

As you can see, these clearly defined planting trends are very popular in 2019. But they are popular for very specific reasons.

A low maintenance garden means less stress and worry. Planting dahlias and begonias makes gardening easy and fun. And lastly, plants that require little water and sunlight are easy to grow. To make planting and gardening better than ever, we highly recommend incorporating these tips into your gardening practices ASAP.

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