In the 29th week of pregnancy, the baby is as big as a Butternut Squash. He/she is now trying to show his existence to his/her mom by kicking or moving inside the womb. These movements are very common for 29 weeks pregnant women. Let’s see the change and symptoms in a 29 weeks pregnant women.

Changes in Baby

The baby already measures about 15 inches long and weighs more than 2.5 pounds. Still, he or she has to complete the rest of the journey. But be prepared, your baby has just started gaining weight. The baby will be triple the weight it is now, before birth.

The brain development is going strong since the 29th week of pregnancy. His other body parts, like the baby’s muscles and lungs, are also getting prepared for life outside. His partially open eyelids can now sense the light and shadows. He/she can also sense the sound and touch now.

Changes in Mom’s Body at 29th Week of Pregnancy

During the 29th week of pregnancy, You may experience not-so-pleasant changes in your body. It is expected that on average, women gain about 20 pounds in the 29th week of pregnancy.

Your breast size will be increasing these days. So try to choose a good sports bra. Try some and make sure you get comfortable but supportive bras.

This is the third trimester and the baby is getting more active these days. The baby is still small enough to get sufficient space to move inside the womb. All the expecting mothers should be ready to feel their feet and hands pushing against their belly even more often.

Symptoms in 29 Weeks Pregnant

You may experience constipation for which you should start taking more liquid and fibre-rich diet. Swelling in legs and hands is very normal as you are gaining weight week by week.

The mother may feel more tired during this trimester. Don’t worry about that. This is all because your body is working harder to make the womb more comfortable for the baby. What you need to do is just take proper rest and have a balanced diet. Never forget to keep your body hydrated. Try to drink more and more water.

Other than these, there are some common symptoms that 29 weeks pregnant women experience. This includes shortness of breath, passing hard stools, abdominal pain, frequent urination, swelling in legs or hands, vaginal discharge, stretch marks and sleeping disorder.

Things to Remember

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey. But at the same time, it is a very serious situation. You can’t take anything for granted. Our suggestions for all the expecting mothers are-

  • Keep your body hydrated and focus on a balanced diet
  • Never avoid the medications
  • Don’t follow Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe without consulting the doctor
  • Try to sleep on the sides
  • Exercise and yoga
  • Consult the doctor or midwife if the symptoms are more discomforting

Be happy and be safe.

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