Thursday , March 30 2023
teeth whitening

3 Teeth Whitening Procedures

People have started realizing the importance of a bright smile and therefore, have been visiting cosmetic dentist clinics for a fresh look on their face more frequently now. Recently, the introduction of snap on a celebrity smile in the US market has shown that people are ready to undergo cosmetic treatments to look and feel better. Amongst other cosmetic dentistry solutions, teeth whitening is a great way to look bright. Teeth whitening has grown as a popular procedure amongst the urban middle class in almost all societies. The procedure involves reducing yellow shades on your teeth by using chemical formulations provided by the dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry provides a simple solution in the form of teeth whitening procedures, which are not invasive, cost efficient and give marvelous results to your smile. You can undergo following different teeth whitening procedures:

Vital Tooth Whitening: The process of vital tooth whitening is entirely surface treatment wherein the dentist applies a chemical solution or formulation on your teeth and leaves it there for a couple of hours. The formulation usually contains a form of hydrogen peroxide, which slowly reacts with the plaque on the teeth and removes the yellow stains from there. The formulations are harmful if taken internally and must be rinsed thoroughly before the patient leaves the clinic. Vital tooth whitening does not correct intrinsic teeth darkening which result from root canal treatment or other factors. These are treated using non-vital tooth whitening.

Non-Vital Tooth Whitening: This process involves identifying which teeth have discoloration due to intrinsic factors like root canal treatment and so on. The dentist uses filler that is inserted into the tooth to make up for the missing white color. The filler is kept in place for more than a week. The filler has a whitening agent in its base which slowly clears out the dark shades from within the tooth. This treatment may be undertaken only once in a lifetime or repeated a few times to ensure permanent white color in the affected tooth. This procedure is undertaken at the dental clinic and cannot be done by any other person than a cosmetic dentist.

Over the Counter Products: A few vital teeth whitening formulations are available over the counter and can be applied at home. In most of these do-it-yourself kits, the person is provided with a gel tray that carries the whitening gel and is to be fixed on the teeth for prescribed number of hours. The procedure is not cumbersome and easy to follow. However, there have been several cases wherein the tray has been found not to fit in the user’s mouth. This has led to failed teeth whitening procedures at home.

Many people suffer from lack of self confidence and clarity owing to the presence of yellow teeth which they know hinder the beauty of their smiles. They tend to perform poorly at interviews or find rejections in social gatherings, marriages and events. Teeth whitening procedures help get rid of this condition and therefore, contribute to a person’s individual, professional and social growth immensely.