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30th Week of Pregnancy: Be Careful About The Back Pain

Are you 30 weeks pregnant? Have a look over your beautiful belly to know that you are on your way to deliver very soon. By now, you should be more than ready to meet the baby. You must be excited to know the changes in the baby at 30 weeks. In this post, we will be discussing the changes in the baby during the 30th week of pregnancy. Also, we will be listing out some things for 30 weeks pregnancy care.

Changes in Infant 

In the 30th week of pregnancy, the baby is about 3 pounds, whereas the length of the baby is about 15-16 inches. Now is the time when the growth of the baby will slow down.

The baby inside the womb is covered with white, greasy vernix, which coats your baby’s skin from head to toe. This protects his/her skin from the long immersion in amniotic fluid. From the 30th week of pregnancy, this vernix starts to disappear slowly.

The eyes of the baby at the 30th week will start to distinguish what’s around him or her. The baby can identify the light and sounds. But still, the baby keeps the eyes closed for most of the time. Do you want to test it? Okay, try this one – shine a torch or a bright light at your belly. You will soon feel your baby respond.

The eyesight of the baby is not fully developed yet. It will keep on developing after birth. At the time of delivery, the baby can only see things closer to them.

Changes in Mother During 30th Week of Pregnancy

Do you feel uncomfortable and dizzy every time? This is very normal during pregnancy. Your belly size will keep on increasing week by week. You will keep on adding some pounds of weight every week. Sometimes the mothers start getting depressed because of the increasing weight. If you are one of them, then don’t worry, everything will settle down after the delivery.

The 30 weeks pregnant women find it difficult to sleep. Try to sleep on your sides and use pillows to make yourself comfortable. Frequent urination is very common these days, which can be very irritating and could be the reason for your troubled sleep.

For this, the mother should start sleeping early. If you can’t, then take a nap to boost the energy level.

By the 30th week of pregnancy, the mother may experience many symptoms, such as fatigue or trouble sleeping, back pain, swelling in feet and mood swings.

Out of these, back pain is very common and worsens in the third trimester. The reason could be the increase in weight. If the pain is severe, then consult with your doctor.

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Final Words

You are very close to your due date. It is still very necessary to keep yourself and the baby safe and healthy. You must eat healthily, sleep well and keep yourself hydrated. You should immediately buy a pregnancy pillow if you are not able to get proper sleep. Be in touch with your doctor. It’s 30th week of pregnancy, you don’t have much time now. Only 10 weeks are left. Let us get you prepared.

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