Eight weeks to go!

Amazing! You have completed 31 weeks and entered the 32nd weeks of pregnancy. You are very close to your baby. But this is going to be difficult for a 32 weeks pregnant woman. The existing complications may increase. We will mention the 32 weeks pregnant symptoms and a bit the baby growth at 32nd week.

Baby Growth at 32nd week

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In the 32nd week of pregnancy, the baby will grow slowly. The length of the baby will be similar to the length of a leaf of kale. His weight has been increased by nearly 4 pounds. The tiny body of the baby is nearing the point where he/she will be ready for the outside world. But still, a few things need to be developed completely.

The bones of the baby are developed, but they are still very soft. The lungs are developed, but still need some additional time for breath outside.

Next time when you go for an ultrasound, you will be able to see the tiny hair on the baby’s head. Apart from that, the baby will keep on kicking and moving inside the womb to show its presence.

Symptoms of 32nd Week of Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, the mother may experience tiredness and fatigue. You may also feel nagging symptoms, that is very common these days. Frequent urination is very normal these days as the uterus is increasing.

You will add on around one pound of weight every week. The back pain will continue and may get worse as the days pass. You can’t do anything to overcome these symptoms. But you will get a little relief from doing suitable exercises.

To get a healthy and normal delivery, choose a well-balanced diet and try to be more active these days. Add more and more fruits and vegetables to your diet and avoid fried or sugary treats. This way, you will be able to fulfill the nutritional requirements for yourself and your baby.

The rest of the symptoms will be quite similar to the symptoms of the 31st week of pregnancy. This includes breast leakage and Braxton-Hicks contractions.

Things to Remember

The third trimester is the most important part of the whole pregnancy journey. So you need to monitor every change in the body. For troubled sleep, you can try to lay on your side and use pillows to make yourself more comfortable. Keep following your healthcare provider’s advice and medications. Don’t forget, your delivery date is just a few weeks away.

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