Congratulations! You have completed the journey of 35 weeks and have entered the 36th week of pregnancy. The baby at 36 weeks and the mother will undergo many changes. It is not an easy journey for women. We will mention some of the common 36 weeks pregnant symptoms, to give a clearer picture.

Changes in Baby

Your baby’s weight and height is increasing gradually. He is as big as a bunch of kale. Most of the physical development is completed during this week. But the skull is still soft so that the head can pass through the birth canal easily. It will harden within a few months after birth.

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Most of the space available in the womb has been taken by the infant. Now he may find it difficult to move properly. But still, you can’t stop him/her from kicking. These movements are the signs which mean the baby is healthy inside the womb. The lack of movement could be an indication of something wrong.

The lungs of the baby are now entirely developed and ready to breathe outside the womb. For now, he/she gets oxygen from the placenta. That’s why there is no risk of choosing waterbirth.

Your baby will be considered as moderately premature if born in the 36th week of pregnancy. Under this situation, the baby can survive as they are completely developed. But the right time for delivery is after the 37th week of pregnancy.

Changes in Mother

In most of the cases, the 36 weeks pregnant mother may experience Braxton Hicks. This is a sign that your womb is getting ready for the delivery.

Some women feel embarrassed if they find themself leaking a bit while laughing or coughing. Don’t worry, this is natural during pregnancy and will be fine after the delivery.

The 36 weeks pregnant women experience Braxton Hicks, leaking urine, stretch marks, itchy skin and swollen feet. You may experience back pain and improper sleep because of increasing belly size. You should sleep on the sides and use pillows to make yourself relaxed.

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What to Do During the 36th Week of Pregnancy?

It is an amazing thing that your baby is almost ready. Your belly has increased and by 36 weeks, you’re doing the penguin waddle.

Never forget to work on toning up your pelvic floor muscles. The pelvic floor exercises are remarkable for pregnant women. Apart from that, prenatal visits once a week are a must now. This a very important time for a pregnant mother. So, take care of your health.

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