Great! The baby is considered full in the 37th week of pregnancy. He is as big as a canary melon. This time is quite difficult for a 37 weeks pregnant woman. The baby at 37 weeks is quite developed. On the other side, the mother is going through the 37 weeks pregnant symptoms. But relax, this is the last month of your pregnancy. You will get rid of these symptoms very soon.

Baby at 37th week

Your baby is grown up to the full size. He/she is now waiting for the time of delivery. The baby at 37 weeks equals the size of a canary melon and the length will be around 18.5 inches.

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This is the time for the baby to move further into the pelvis. In the 37th week of pregnancy, all the babies are positioned head down and facing the mother’s back.

The 37 weeks pregnant mother can feel that her bump drops slightly. This is because the baby has taken the position for the time of delivery. In the upcoming two weeks, the brain and lungs of the baby will fully mature.

According to midwives, the process of moving the head of the baby towards the pelvis is described as ‘engaged’.

Mother at 37th week of Pregnancy

The mother has to go through various symptoms in the 37th week of pregnancy. The reason could be the increasing weight of the baby. The mother may also face difficulty in walking, sleeping or doing regular activities.

Some women get piles during pregnancy. The reason could be the increasing downward pressure from the bump. Talk to your doctor about the ways to manage this issue.

The increasing pressure of the womb on your stomach can lead to many problems such as bloating, burping or feeling sick, with a nasty heartburn sensation.

Other common symptoms could be Braxton hicks contractions, vaginal discharge or spotting, headache, constipation and swollen feet. These are very natural during pregnancy but you can take the necessary measures to reduce the discomfort. You should feel free to talk to the doctor about such issues.

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Things to do

As you know you are very close to the delivery date and you have very less time. At this time, many women get anxious about the birth and afterwards. Don’t worry about this, just talk to your doctor and clear everything. The doctor can only clear out things for you at this moment.

For sleeping discomfort, you can use pillows to make yourself comfortable. Try to sleep on your sides. Apart from that, focus on your diet and take proper rest, as you might be feeling very dizzy and tired. Take a nap during the day, if possible. This will boost your energy levels.

In the 37th week, the mother, baby and the doctor are making final preparations for the baby’s arrival. You need to visit the doctor once a week for the checkup, until the time of delivery. The 37th week of pregnancy is a good time for the delivery. So be prepared for the big day.

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