We know you have been going through a lot for the past 9 months. But not anymore. It’s the 40th week of pregnancy. The baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy is ready to join you. Not only the 40 weeks pregnant women but everyone in the family is waiting for the new family member.

Don’t you think that the whole pregnancy journey is wonderful? A mother goes through a lot to give birth to the little ones. So let’s talk about the final week of pregnancy.

Baby at 40th Week of Pregnancy

The weight of the baby is somewhere around 7.5 pounds. The length of the baby is almost 20.5 inches. 15% of the total weight of the baby includes fat collected under the skin.

The baby is spending his/her last few days in the cosiness of your belly. At this time the healthcare provider will keep a close eye on the baby. The doctor makes sure that everything is fine inside the womb and keeps checking the symptoms in the mother.

This is the final stage of pregnancy and the baby does not get sufficient space to move inside the belly. But still, he/she will express their existence, by kicking inside the womb.

Symptoms in 40 Weeks Pregnant Women

The symptoms in the 40th week of pregnancy are similar to the previous week. You will have back pain, difficulty in walking or doing regular tasks, swollen feet or trouble sleep. What you need to do is just take proper rest, have a good diet and do proper pelvic muscle exercise on a regular basis.

A 40 weeks baby is ready to join the world with us. You and your midwife can only wait for a maximum of 42 weeks. After that, the doctor will advise a C-section delivery to avoid any risks.

How to Enjoy the Last Days?

Enjoy your last days and take out some me-time before your baby arrives. Go for a pedicure, read some interesting book or go for a movie with family, friend or partner.

You can also read more about how your body will change and recover after delivery. You must be excited about your baby, but always remember this is the only free time you will have for yourself. So catch up with friends and go for dinner or a movie.

While enjoying, don’t forget to keep your bag ready with all the necessities that you may require at the hospital. Be calm and prepared to welcome the new family member.

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