It is great news and you want to share but before you make that announcement, you want to be sure that you are pregnant. There are few early signs of pregnancy that show up as early as six weeks and can help us confirm pregnancy. You can check your Due date on our pregnancy calculator which provides you with a rough idea about your missing periods.  These come really handy especially when your periods have not been regular and you don’t maintain a menstrual cycle journal. Here are the five early signs of pregnancy:

5 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Every woman experiences different signs and symptoms before their pregnancy. Some of the early symptoms of pregnancy are listed below:

Mood Swings

mood swings

It is very common to have fluctuating moods and few might experience heightened emotions. Mood swings both good and bad become routine and can be addressed to the hormonal changes that take place during this period. However, if the feeling of being sad persists for a longer duration of time, it is advisable to make a quick visit to your physician to seek advice.

Sore Breasts

sore breasts

Another common pregnancy symptom is increased levels of sensitivity of your breasts which is caused by rising levels of hormones. The soreness and swelling around breasts appear to be an exaggerated version of how your breasts feel before your period.

The soreness weans off usually after the first trimester, as your body adjusts to the hormonal changes. Most of the changes happen due to increased blood flow happening due to changes in the hormonal equilibrium of the body. You may also observe the change in the colour of areolas which now appears darker.

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Nausea and Food Aversions


While few food items may leave you nauseated and you might throw up quite often, especially during mornings, other favourites might now be repelled by you. This again happens as a result of the shift in the hormonal equilibrium and trying to balance the same. Certain aromas may trigger these responses as well.

Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

Soon after you become pregnant, the hormonal changes that take place in your body might lead to increased blood flow through your kidneys. As a result, the bladder fills up more quickly, making a visit to the restroom more often. Frequent urination intensifies as your pregnancy progresses and there is nothing to worry about it except the discomfort and sometimes waking up during the wee hours to empty the bladder.


Early signs of Pregnancy

An increase in progesterone and estrogen causes many women to bloat. However, avoiding foods that lead to increased gas generation and eating and drinking slowly helps.

Pregnancy Tests At An Early Stage Of Pregnancy

Every woman is excited to know whether she is pregnant or not. If you have missed your periods and facing the above symptoms, then do visit your doctor to confirm your pregnancy. There are certain tests that are done to evident your pregnancy.

#1 Pregnancy Test Kit

In today’s world, it has become very easy to do a pregnancy test with the help of a pregnancy test kit. All thanks to the pregnancy test kits available in the market. It takes a few minutes to confirm. All you need to do is just collect your early morning urine sample in a clean cup. Pour a few drops to the marked pit or absorbent tip using a dropper. Leave it for a couple of minutes and you will get the result.

One pink line means negative and two pink lines are positive.

#2 Blood Test for Pregnancy Hormone

If you get a positive result after a home pregnancy test, you must visit a gynecologist. She/he will ask you a few questions about your last period date or pregnancy symptoms.

The doctor will surely advise a blood test to measure the pregnancy hormones (HCG). On the bases of the blood test reports, the doctor can give more accurate information about your pregnancy.

#3 Trans-vaginal Ultrasound Scan

This ultrasound scan is done within 6-7 weeks after missing the periods. It confirms the pregnancy and gives various details such as location, number, and viability of a pregnancy. This test identifies any cause of concerns early on.

These were some common tests done to confirm pregnancy hormones and other pregnancy-related issues.

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What we have discussed?

In the above post, we have mentioned some early signs of pregnancy. Also, we have described the pregnancy tests advised by the doctor at an early stage of pregnancy. Hope this post will help you understand the very first step of pregnancy.

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