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5 Features to Look for When You Are Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

Life Insurance is the best method to ensure the economic safety of families and dependents. Several people, mostly single breadwinners, opt for the best life insurance policy to provide for their family even in their absence. They have assured returns and benefits based on the type of policy you select. A crucial mode of selecting such a good policy is the comparison of life insurance quotes. If you too wish to purchase a policy, a quote can provide you the detailed information about the plan. But there are things that you must look for while conducting the comparison. Read on to more about them in detail.

Importance Of Life Insurance

There is no need to canvas the importance of life insurance, as people come in direct contact with the benefits at least once in a lifetime. They see in society how families remain stable even after a tragic incident in the family and continue their lives without many financial woes. Even children and dependents don’t need to worry if the plan has enough maturity funds to sponsor them until they start earning themselves.

But the safety of loved ones is not the only advantage of life insurance. The best life insurance can provide monetary benefits to the insured person at the policy term-end. Through this, they get the added benefits of savings from life insurance. And if the life insurance provides interest rates through ULIPs, they can get yields similar to that of market-dependent equity investments. But these days, there are several types of life insurance policies, and choosing one can be tough. A proven method of comparing such a huge number of policies is by comparing the life insurance quotes.

The Top 5 Things to Look While Comparing Life Insurance Quotes

Life insurance quotes are what one gets after providing their details and requirements from the policy. After understanding your requirement, the insurer provides this quote from the available plans or through plan customization. But the potential customer can change the plan’s details moving forward with the plan seems troublesome.

While purchasing life insurance, one must always compare plans from all major insurers to obtain the best life insurance policy. So after finalizing a plan from an insurer, they should go ahead and collect life insurance quotes from other insurers. And after that, conduct comparisons based on the following five criteria to select the best one.

Maturity Amount

Maturity amount is the first thing you must look for in life insurance quotes. They are the major and direct benefit that the investor and nominees get. So the higher the maturity amount, the better. But there can be some extra financial burdens on you due to the premium amount. So also, ensure that the premium for that maturity amount fits your budget.


You must see that the premium adjusts well into your finances. If not, go for a reduced maturity amount to reduce the premium amount. And if you don’t wish to reduce the maturity amount, you can take other measures which indirectly reduce the premium expense. You can change the premium payment frequency into every month, quarter, or six months instead of a yearly payment. By doing so, you won’t have to gather a huge amount at a time.

Another method is through availing tax relaxations from the government. As per Section 80 C of the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, you can avail up to INR 1,50,000 per year on premium payments of a life insurance policy. But this relaxation is subject to the fact that the premium amount you pay annually does not exceed a tenth of the total maturity amount. So make sure that your premium amount does not exceed this fraction to ensure tax deductions.

Policy Term

The policy duration is also important as the benefits increase simultaneously with the increase in duration. It is because, in longer-duration plans, the annual premium is less. Also, you don’t have to bother renewing the policy repeatedly.

Critical Illness Covers

Critical illness cover is an amazing cover that many insurers provide. Sometimes treatment and procedures for these illnesses can be very expensive, and one may not have enough savings or health insurance. Through it, the policyholder can raise a claim if they become sick with a critical illness. So they don’t need to have separate health insurance.

Terms And Conditions

Life insurance quotes also include detailed information on the policy terms and conditions. It is always advisable to verify these plans and the other criteria to ensure you have a good insurance experience. The terms and conditions also have detailed information on the policy clauses, hidden liabilities, claim procedures, helplines, etc., which helps them better.


Knowing these essential comparison criteria will help you search for the best life insurance policy. They help understand the stark changes in life insurance quotes while moving across different insurers. If you are interested in life insurance, you must get your life insurance quote from Max Life Insurance today itself. Their plans have extensive coverage and several benefits for the insured and their family. And as you already know, how to compare life insurance quotes, apply that knowledge, and realize the advantages of investing in Max Life Insurance plans.

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