If you thought there was only one reason to have sex, then we are going to give you five more. You always thought of eating healthy food, exercise and adequate sleep are the ingredients for good health then you missed the most vital component of adult health – SEX.

Here are the 5 sex benefits that will tell you why you should make love more often.

#1 Stay away from the flu!

Sex triggers the release of antibody immunoglobulin (IgA) which boosts the immunity of the body to help ward off illnesses such as flu, cold and fever. People who are sexually active fall sick less frequently compared to others because they are better able to defend their bodies against disease-causing microorganisms.

#2 Want to lose weight? 

Tired of diet control and running on the treadmill for weight loss? Replace them with something more effective. Sex helps burn five calories per minute and can be counted as an exercise. So, ditch those machines to enjoy more frequent intimate moments with your partner. All the more reason to stay in bed little longer.

Regular sex is known to promote the release of male and female hormones, testosterone and estrogen respectively, that will keep your skin glowing and hair shining. So get it on to bring back the youthful glow.

#3 Can’t get to sleep?

Have you ever noticed how you doze off so quickly after sex? Sex relaxes your mind and induces sleep. Of course, you’ve worked so hard for it! Heard the phrase – Sleep your way to good health, then this is the best way to do it. Instead of watching that late night movie why not snuggle in bed with your partner? 😉

#4 Say goodbye to stress

When you are aroused sexually, ‘feel-good’ hormones are released and the brain begins to feel relaxed and happy. It soothes all the nerve cells, lessens anxiety and helps one relax completely. Had a hard day at work? So don’t just slouch on the couch watching TV or hit the sack, get into some action tonight to unwind and release the stress.

#5 Improve heart health

Noticed the rise in heart rate when you are deep in the act? If not yet, then do it next time when you are twisting the bed sheets. Sex helps to maintain the hormonal balance in the body which nourish the heart muscles. Sex is also known to reduce the systolic blood pressure.


So get busy tonight!

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