As children, we worried that someday aliens would take over the world. That silly thought may not have come true, but the entire world has given in to something else – technology. Technology has collaborated and mixed its existence into every aspect of our life – be it food, work, travel, beauty or health. With the presence of technology and smartphones in every nook and corner of the country, the accessibility of health has improved. Healthcare apps in India are one example of this theme.

Healthcare has intensified since the infancy of apps. Healthcare apps have changed how we view and consume well-being and its maintenance. So, if you own a smartphone (which you would, it’s 2019), you need to have some top health apps. If you don’t know which ones to choose, we are here to help.

Top Healthcare Apps For Your Phone

We understand that health is a broad concept and it involves many sections. Taking this in regard, we bring you to an all-in-all list of top apps, that will provide protection, maintenance and monitoring of your health.


Crediheath is India’s leading online healthcare patient assistance portal. The mobile version of the portal, aka the app, entails the services offered by the organization and brings it to your fingertips.

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app

Using the Credihealth app, you can get personalized guidance from medical experts. The expert can help you with your illness or guide you on which doctor to meet. You can book appointments online and get priority slots with specialists on a discounted price.

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app

Credihealth offers an extensive network of top doctors and hospitals all across the country. You can ask the healthcare portal for second opinions on your current consultations.

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app

You can take help to know the approximate costs for medical procedures. And on top of all of this, you can order medicines online. The app also provides the service of Homecare facilities.

Another feature that the app offers is that of exclusive discounts at top hospitals, on consultation charges. If you are not comfortable talking to an expert over the phone, you can let the Chatbot guide you through the app. Credihealth app is also a hub of trending health information.

Download Credihealth App now or get it on Google play storeHealthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care app



Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care appMental health is as important as physical health. Whether or not you are suffering from a mental illness, you need to focus on your well-being. Headspace is one such app that provides all-inclusive help for those willing to work on their mental health.

The app involves different categories of meditation. It considers both rookies and pros and thereby, offers different programs. Sleep, acceptance, forgiveness, and more are incorporated into the app. It lets the user keep a track of their progress and offers notifications (reminders) to enhance the experience.

Daily Yoga

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care appA top fitness app that aims at encouraging physical fitness. Daily yoga helps you engage in exercises meant for your body type and the health goal you aim to achieve. It offers a wide range of exercises for diverse muscle groups in your body. Also included, are video lessons from experts on how to perform a movement correctly.

The app allows the user to go (grow) through different levels of workouts. As a bonus, you get access to a large community of yoga doers. You can also participate in digitized workshops provided through the app by top coaches.

Healthify me

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care appIt is no surprise that the Indian population is suffering from a national health epidemic called obesity. It attracts various other ailments like diabetes and hypertension. So, it becomes crucial to look at what you and your loved ones are eating. Healthify me is the healthcare app to help you concentrate on your weight loss plan. It offers appetizing diets that are custom made for the user.

A vast pool of workout schemes is also provided to help you achieve the goal. You can easily motivate yourself to eat better and count calories for everything you chew. And if you follow the plan diligently, the app will help you track your improvement.

Period Diary

Healthcare app, Healthcare apps in India, health care appWe are on our way of destigmatizing the taboo around periods and so, a period tracker app is a must for all women. The period diary is a top healthcare app in India to help monitor menstrual cycles. It allows you (all genders) to learn the basics and in-depths of female reproductive health also.

You can add your symptoms, maintain mood log, watch the changes in your weight and do more with this simple application. It helps you stay one step ahead of your periods by predicting ovulation and fertile days. This way, you have the time to prepare a stock of necessary period products.

In Conclusion

Healthcare apps in India are aimed at making lives easier. With our fast-paced way of living, an app that can provide us with essential care is obligatory.

For solutions on any health-based query or free personalized guidance, speak to a Credihealth medical expert at +918010994994.
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