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5 Natural Way to Cure Cold and Cough

A cold and cough infection may be quite a hindrance if it is recurrent and/or prolonged. But there is no need to worry as there are various natural ways to tackle the infection. Using natural remedies for cold and cough ensures a risk free cure while also resulting in a long-term relief from the infection. Medication, in the form of antibiotics, may give instant relief but it usually results in a relapse of the infection marking the period of relief, short.

The Occurrence

Cold is a respiratory infection that may be caused by any of the innumerable viruses present in the environment. The body’s immune system lays a defense to tackle these viruses but at times it is unable to do so. The result is a cold and cough infection that, if severe, may also lead to aching of the muscles, headache, itchy eyes and a runny nose.

The Cure

A cold and cough infection is however, relatively easier to cure. The best and perhaps the safest way to tackle it is through natural remedies. All natural cures involve ingredients that are easily available at home. Natural remedies help in tackling the infection while also boosting the immune system and ensuring a long-term relief, free of any side effects. Some of the most trusted natural remedies are listed below.

#1 Plenty of fluids

A healthy intake of fluids ensures that the body remains hydrated while also breaking congestion. Consume fluids like herbal tea, hot soups, ginger ale etc. Caffeine intake should be restricted as it leads to dehydration. Masala chai, a mixture of warm milk and turmeric are also effective ways to curb the irritation in the throat and clear the air passage.

#2 Honey

Honey is an immensely beneficial ingredient for curing cough and cold. Prepare a mixture of honey, cinnamon and lemon and take a spoonful throughout the day. Heat some honey in a pan until it thickens a bit then add crushed black pepper to it. Consume a spoonful of this mixture every couple of hours and you will see a noticeable improvement in the infection.

#3 Warm Salt Water

Boil water with some salt and use it to gargle. One may also add some turmeric to the mixture. Salt and turmeric both are effective ingredients that provide relief to a cold and cough infection. As much as possible, avoid drinking plain water and replace it with boiled warm water. Warm water provides relief to the inflammation in the throat and also replenishes the body fluids.

#4 Amla

Amla is an effective ingredient not only for preventing cold and cough but for a generally healthy body. If consumed regularly, Amla provides a lot of health benefits. It may be consumed raw, in the form of a pickle or in a dried form coated with sugar.

#5 Spiced Tea

Prepare tea with a concoction of ginger, tulsi and black pepper. These three ingredients are highly beneficial for curbing cold and cough. Adopting a natural way during a cold and cough infection is the best and safest way to cure it.

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