It is no secret that cardiac disorders are the biggest killers in India. You may have good genes but an unhealthy lifestyle could ruin you, or you may eat well & exercise, but hereditary conditions may throw you under the bus. So if heart diseases are so common, how does one escape them? There are things you have heard all your life- things that seem easy, but fail to motivate you. Whenever you feel lazy or tempted always remember how prevention is better than cure.

Heart Failure: Common signs of heart failure include breathlessness, getting tired often and swelling in the legs. If a patient is exercising or lying down, the breathlessness may get worse in these cases to the extent that it can wake the person up at night. Contrary to popular belief, chest pain is not directly related to congestive heart failure.

Here is what you need to do to prevent Heart Failure:

A Healthy Diet

a healthy dietConsuming a healthy diet is undoubtedly the answer to all your health problems; it can also substantially reduce your risk of developing coronary heart diseases. Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, fish and lean meats are your heart’s best friends. Avoiding high sodium and sugars, consuming low saturated fats and no trans fat, could also prevent your heart from the most common heart ailments, along with diabetes and cancer.



Quit Smokingquit smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for our health. It ruins your stamina, your skin, your hair, your lungs, and of course, your heart. Tobacco is poisonous, it hampers the functioning of your heart, reducing its capacity and preventing it from keeping your body free from toxins. To be more specific, tobacco slows down the blood flow and makes the blood thicker. This, in turn, damages the linings of the arteries, and increases the chances of blood clots.It is always convenient to fix a date to quit, but you should always remember that each extra cigarette you consume, takes you closer to a disease

Drink Less Alcohol

Drink Less Alcohol

Drink Less

We all like a drink or two after a long, hard week. The problem arises when it becomes a habit. You may think that it is helping you take off the edge, but it makes it extremely hard for your body to process.
Additionally, it increases your blood pressure, making you more and more susceptible to heart failure.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly


We don’t exercise half as much as our parents or grandparents. It is important to remember that our bodies weren’t designed to sit in front of a computer and that is why, most of us start to suffer from health problems at a young age. Being overweight is another huge factor responsible for the development of heart diseases. No matter how tight your schedule is, make sure that you remain active throughout the day. Taking small steps like taking the stairs could go a long way in insuring heart health.

Regular Checkups

Regular Checkup & Cardiologist Consultations

Regular Check-Ups

Lastly, knowing exactly what is going on with your body can always help you curb a disease before it becomes problematic. Very often, people miss out on follow-up appointments. Feeling slightly better after the treatment, they tend to believe they have been ‘cured’ or that they do not require medical attention while the case is quite the opposite. Once a patient starts responding to his/her medication, he/she is required to return to the doctor for a regular consultation to monitor the ailment.

If you take care of your heart, your heart will take care of you. So, kick those bad habits today and make your life healthier and happier.

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