6 Weird Blood Donation Questions

1. Can I donate blood if I am taking OTC medication?

Commonly taken medicines do not affect your eligibility for blood donation. For any other kind of medication, please consult your doctor prior to donating blood.

2. If I have recently had a vaccination can I donate?

As long as you are feeling well, donation is acceptable.

People who have received the oral polio vaccine must wait 2-4 weeks after vaccination.

3. Is there any problem if I recently had a tattoo or ear or body piercing?

Potential donors with tattoos or ear or body piercings need to speak to the present medical team at the site to determine eligibility.

4. Should I do something before I donate?

You should eat a good nutritious meal and drink plenty of fluids before you donate.

5. Is it really safe to donate blood?

People should not be afraid of donating blood as it is a completely safe process.  Every donor’s blood is collected through an absolutely new sterile needle that is immediately discarded after a one-time use. Most people feel fine after donating blood but a few number of people tend to feel dizzy, have an upset stomach or experience a slight pain where the needle was inserted. Extremely rare cases are that of loss of consciousness, nerve damage or artery damage occur.

6. Is it remotely possible to get HIV from donating blood?

Not at all. Absolute sterile and disposable equipment is allowed to be used.


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