7 Benefits of Spiritual Health

7 Ways to enhance your spiritual health. Read more.

7 Benefits of Spiritual Health
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Do you know - apart from physical, mental and emotional, there is one more component of holistic health? That is Spiritual Health which is important for a person's well being. Believe it or not, all these components are intertwined and have a deep impact on one another.

When spiritually disconnected, people tend to feel unsatisfied with life, emotionally disconnected with close family members and friends, and physically stressed out.

Spiritual health has a way to calm a person and make their lives more meaningful, giving it a sense of fulfilment in your life despite the usual ups and downs of life. 

Several studies have been done and it has been observed that spiritual health plays a vital part for those suffering from chronic health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and blood pressure. It may not be able to fully cure the disease but it provides enough courage to face the disease and cope with the harsh symptoms, pain and challenges brought along by the illness.

Spiritual health helps us to move on in life even when things seem to be wrong.

Ways to enhance your spiritual health

There are different ways to achieve spiritual health as there is no universal path for everyone. Each of us has our own way to connect with our core and you are free to explore yours.  Spirituality is not religion, it is connecting with things that give your life meaning, strength and comfort.

  1. Every day spend some time alone and in realm of quietness
  2. Listen to your inner voice. Identify who you are, what makes you alive and what gives you real happiness
  3. Some people practice meditation, yoga and deep breathing techniques while others practice spirituality by just watching the sunset/sunrise, taking a walk in nature and by being more mindful. Sources of spirituality can vary from person to person.
  4. Nurture a sense of humour and show gratitude towards others
  5. Appreciate all things in life and don't take yourself too seriously, after-all, we're only stardust!
  6. Eat a natural and healthy diet for a fit body and balanced mind
Remember that Spiritual development takes places throughout the course of life and is not just a milestone. Experiencing life completely and consciously amidst the growing challenges of life is the essence of spiritual health.