When it comes to assessing the benefits of cardio training, there are too many to list out. No doubt, there are a lot of myths concerning the advantages of cardio exercises that we’re here to clear out for our runners!

#1 Best way for burning fat

Cardio is possibly the best way to strengthen the lungs and the heart, but it is definitely not the best way to lose fat. In fact, studies suggest excessive cardio results in the burning of muscle mass.

#2 Only for people who want to lose weight

The most common of all cardio myths is the belief that cardio is only for people who intend to lose weight. People who are lean easily fall victim to this myth. The truth is cardio exercises help the circulation of blood to the heart, making your immune system stronger.

#3 Not eating before cardio

A number of researchers have been studying whether or not cardio proves beneficial to the body on an empty stomach. These studies suggest when the stomach is empty, the metabolic rate is the slowest. This consequently may even cause muscles to burn.

#4 Cardio before weight training

Many believe not only should cardio be done post weight training, it should not be done at all before the training. It is not a good idea to combine weight training and cardio on the same day. In order to get maximum benefit from both, it is best to keep each training program for separate days altogether.

#5 Doing cardio means you can eat as much as you want

It is of common belief that a person who indulges in a cardio regime burns a lot of calories in the process, and so, can consume as many calories as he wants. Irrespective of whether you follow a cardio program or not, it is best to maintain a healthy diet for a healthy lifestyle.

#6 Same cardio daily means better results

The truth is that if you maintain the same physical activity daily, the body quickly becomes used to it and devises a way to counter the exertion. It is thus advisable to perform a mix of cardio exercises.

#7 Low-intensity cardio is better than high-intensity cardio for weight loss

When it comes to losing weight, low-intensity cardio definitely comes second to high-intensity cardio.


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