While presenting her exasperation about women not maintaining their vaginal health, an experienced gynecologist in south Delhi says,

Most women in today’s world have faced vaginal problems; the sad part is she does not know that in order to keep your vagina healthy you need to just follow a few small steps. Most women also shy away from speaking about these concerns to a gynaecologist and this eventually leads them to get infections that may get worse with time.

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7 Ways to Maintain Vaginal Health

Practice these daily tips for good hygiene to maintain your vaginal health:

  • Take bath regularly to ensure getting rid of microorganisms that can lead to foul odours emanating from the vagina and will prevent buildup of bacteria that cause infection. For good Vaginal Health prefer to use soaps with minimal chemicals that may disturb the pH of the vagina and may lead to itching and redness. Prefer using natural soaps to ensure cleansing action without any change in the normal environment of the vagina.
  • Do not put soap inside the vagina. Wipe from front to back and not otherwise since it may lead to increase chances of microbes getting into the vagina, leading to filthy smells and infections.
  • Keep your vaginal hair short and engage in regular trim, shave or haircut, since the shorter the vaginal hair, the lesser are the chances of odour and infections. Invest in a good cotton panty, since the fabric allows less sweat buildup and ensures free flow air movement. Change your undergarments frequently since accumulation of vaginal liquid on the panty may act as breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. This care should become even more stringent during periods.
  • Restrict the use of douche, since they lead to an imbalance in the body’s natural micro flora and may lead to an infection. Choice of lubricants should also be done wisely and the ones with water- or silicone-base should be preferred. Products with heavy fragrance or oily base should be restrictively used in and around vagina.
  • You must note that even after following a strict cleanliness regime for vagina, there may be chances that strong, unpleasant vaginal odour still persists. This may indicate signs of bacterial infections or STDs. Make sure you visit your doctor as soon as possible

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