Like all other body parts, the foremost requirement for a healthy vagina is ensuring hygiene. Hygiene involves keeping the surface area around the vagina clean. Also, a lot of women believe that they need to always smell good down there and use fragrances and perfumes on the vagina. However, this practice does more harm than good.

Use of sprays is known to cause skin inflammation, burning, itching and blackening of the skin.

Treat the vagina with a happy dose of health and hygiene

Being aware of the right way to keep the vagina clean, exercising the vagina and choosing a healthy diet all play a team role in ensuring a happy and healthy vagina.

#1 Healthy Food

What one eats also determines the health of her vagina. Yoghurt and cranberry juice keep yeast infections away. Eat a lot of yoghurt, plenty of fruits and garlic. Yoghurt keeps the vagina safe from infections while fruits ensure that the liquids secreted from the vagina do not contain a foul smell. Garlic is known to serve a dual purpose – it keeps both, bad odor and infections away.

#2 Wash the vagina thoroughly

It is mandatory to wash the vagina with a mild soap and water at least once in a day. Also, after every visit to the bathroom for urination, wash the vagina thoroughly with water, preferably warm water. The use of warm water ensures that no soap is left behind on the vaginal area which could cause skin irritation. It is advisable to not make it a habit to use lady or baby wipes on the vagina since they are known to cause irritation of the skin. Make sure that you keep the  environment for your vagina dry & clean.

#3 Regular Check-up

It is advisable to undergo a medical check-up once annually. Have the gynaecologist examine the pelvic and abdominal area for any signs of infections.

#4 Stay away from sprays/perfumes

Believe it or not, using fragrances on the vaginal area results in the destruction of healthy bacteria that ensure the health of the vagina and keep it free from possible infections. Using creams, scents or any other ointments marketed for the purpose may lead to inflammation, irritation and even an infection. In case you do need a scent, ensure that you use a chemical free product that is made using natural ingredient.

#5 Menstrual hygiene

Vaginal infections are especially more common during the menstruation cycle. To ensure menstrual hygiene management during the periods, change the tampons/sanitary pads frequently. Wear clean panties to steer clear of infections. It is best to use cotton underwear, not only during periods but throughout the month.

#6 Clean the vagina from front-to-back

If the vagina is cleaned the other way round, it will increase the chances of fecal bacteria infecting the vaginal area. This bacteria, if deposited in the vaginal tract, can cause a terrible infection.

#7 Practice kegel exercise

This will ensure a stronger and a tighter vagina. It also prevents problems like inconsistency in urine.


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