8 Signs Someone Is Seriously Depressed

Signs of Hidden Depression: A person suffering from depression might not feel as outgoing or as upbeat as usual. Learn the signs of hidden depression. Read more!

8 Signs Someone Is Seriously Depressed
8 Signs Someone Is Seriously Depressed
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In some people, depression symptoms can be seen on the outside, while on others, it might be as noticeable. Anyone suffering from hidden depression could be struggling with many issues and feelings of inner sadness, fatigue, and lethargy while trying their hardest not to show any of those emotions to the outside world. These people are always trying to appear as if they have everything under control in life. You might not know, but you could be one of those who are trying to hide their depression from themselves. Many people live their life trying to hide their depression, putting a happy face for the outside world to see. Seeing them, you might not be able to tell much about their inner struggle and suffering. People going through hidden depression often do not accept the level to which their depressive feelings are affecting their life. They believe it will go away with time. But it might not always work. So how to know if someone around is suffering from a hidden depression and needs help? Here are a few main characteristics that might be able to help you recognize those who are depressed and need assistance and support. Signs of Hidden Depression Source: Freepik

Signs of Perfectly Hidden Depression

1. Working towards being a perfectionist at everything

Striving to be perfect in everything you do is not abnormal. Yet some people might begin to criticize themselves for not being on top at all times, a relentless, critical inner voice reminding them of their failure and intense shame. They would mostly want to look perfect in areas they would be seen and evaluated by others. To be obsessed with being perfect might be the sign that everything's not alright with a person. It also means that they won't be asking for help even if they need it, and in the long run, it will only increase their suffering.

2. Difficulty with accepting, expressing, and voicing raw sentiments

On the outside, everything would look normal with the person suffering from hidden depression. They have difficulty expressing their feelings, such as anger and sadness. These people may avoid expressing and evaluating their anger, sadness, disappointment, and other feelings to themselves and in front of others. They might try to show as if nothing affects them, and they can handle every setback with complete practicality without getting their emotions involved.

3. Avoid situations they can't control 

Another sign of hidden depression is that the person will try to avoid the situations they can't control. Their need to control is always overpowering. Thus, they spend a lot of time worrying about what if something happens to make them lose control of the situation. It might not be evident to an observer since those who suffer from hidden depression always hide their need to have control over almost everything happening around them. They look unaffected and entirely in control of their bearings. Their real feelings are hidden behind a smile and composure.

4. Their feelings go on a much deeper level

Those who suffer from hidden depression feel things at a much deeper level than what normally a person would do. They bottle up everything inside, and hence at times, their response to any question or comment might come out with volatility. They might be more prone to becoming upset, crying, or even have a mental collapse. On the other hand, they might also seem to be more affectionate and loving towards others. Thus, they might find it difficult to socialize with others in the usual way.

5. They seem to have a pessimistic attitude 

Depressed people often struggle with their dark thoughts that they are too troubled to share with others. They often deal with their own share of negative feelings and do not have a very positive and optimistic outlook on life. It is tough for them to take their mind off the negative thoughts and tell others about it. Gradually they become more and more pessimistic towards various aspects of life.

6. Sudden mood swings

People who are secretly depressed also have mood swings. Mood swings are a natural reaction to change in an emotional state, and anybody can have them. During a mood swing, a person can switch from one emotion to another all of a sudden. They might go from feeling happy to sad to irritated to angry within minutes. Mood swings become a problem when it becomes intense and might last for a few days. Sometimes, mood swings can be caused by changes in surroundings or situations. It can be challenging to determine a logical reason for changes in the mood. The changes can increase the symptoms of depression, and it can be tough for depressed people to find enjoyment even in their favorite hobbies.

7. Drug and alcohol abuse 

Alcohol and drug abuse and addiction is a common problem amongst those who have hidden depression. When negative thoughts enter your mind, and you can share your pain with others, you start looking for other alternatives such as alcohol and drugs to dull and forget your pain. When you find an answer to numb your problem, you hold onto it, and instead of using it occasionally, you start using it regularly. It increases your dependency on drugs and alcohol. You don't even realize it when it becomes your addiction, and you begin to depend on them ultimately. And no matter what your reasons are, prolonged exposure to alcohol and drugs are not good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

8. Always trying to look happy 

In a hidden depression, people hide their feelings and thoughts. They don't share their sentiments with others as it can make them feel exposed, insecure, and vulnerable. They keep everything to themselves and are always pretending to be happy in front of others. They live in denial that something is wrong with them and that they need help. Many patients of hidden depression feel like they need to keep their struggle a secret as they are afraid of being judged and feel ashamed. Also Read: Dealing with Depression: Everything you need to know


By denying that they have depression, many people put their mental health at risk, which ultimately impacts all parts of their life. It can be dangerous. You may deny your signs of depression, and it means you are not reaching out for medical assistance. Even more, the serious problem is that living in a constant state of hidden depression where you can't share your feelings with others. It can lead to inner hopelessness and desolation. It could even lead to some unthinkable consequences. Depressed people must step toward fighting their hidden depression. Rather than hiding their feelings, they should reach out to their loved ones whom they trust absolutely and discuss what they are going through. Sharing your feelings is the first step towards healthily coping with your depression and coming out of it as a winner. Moreover, this mental illness can be treated with proper medical data via doctor's observations or via medical surveys, which can be a great help for the healthcare industries.   When the healthcare industry, especially the mental healthcare industry is aided with proper data through medical surveys, they can come out with more constructive and optimal treatments for depression. MDforLives is one such medical community helping the healthcare industry through its paid medical surveys for doctors. The way healthcare services and plans are growing, and innovative treatments continue to advance rapidly, people are getting easy access to the treatment with effective care coordination, while also overcoming the financial barriers.

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