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food good for eyes

Glaucoma FAQs

What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes irreversable damage to the optic nerve. If not treated it may lead to several problems including loss of vision. 
Usually, …

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Pacemaker FAQS

Chronic Arthritis in Haemophilic Patients

What is haemophilic arthritis? It is a common bleeding manifestation that occurs either spontaneously or from a mild trauma, but the haemarthroses becomes more spontaneous with time and repeated bleeding. …

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Swelling in the Body – Possible Causes

Swelling is defined as an increase in size or change in the shape of body parts. The reasons behind this swelling can be varied – abnormal tissue growth, collection of …

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Leukaemia in Children

Leukaemia refers to cancers of the white blood cells (also called WBCs). When someone suffers from leukaemia, a large numbers of abnormal white blood cells are produced in their bone marrow, …

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Pneumonia in newborn

Lactose Intolerant Baby: Causes & Treatment

Lactose intolerance is the inability of babies to digest lactose present in milk. Newborn babies might have lactose intolerance because the small intestine is not yet equipped to produce lactase, …

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Gastric Cancer

Gastric Cancer: Why is there a high risk?

Developed countries in Europe and North America now report a lower incidence of gastric cancer as compared to developing nations in eastern Asia like Japan and China. In India, prevalence …

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Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects

Lung Cancer: 5 Basic Treatment Options

Fear is a common reaction among patients when handed a diagnosis of cancer in their lungs. “Is there a cure?” “What kind of treatment will allow me to have healthy …

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indian diet after angioplasty

Indian Diet after Angioplasty: What to Eat and What to Avoid

A well-maintained diet after angioplasty plays a crucial role in the process of recovery after an angioplasty procedure. When a person experiences coronary artery disease, the arteries or the corridors …

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Do I Need IVF? (In-Vitro Fertilization)

If you’re asking yourself “Do I need IVF?” look no further. This article is for you. Take a quick look at in what all circumstances IVF is recommended by infertility …

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1st pregnancy

Pregnancy Preparations

The excitement of finding out that one is pregnant is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. The nine-month long journey is marked by changes in the body …

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Treating Seasonal Allergies in Babies

Combination of environmental allergens and genetics result in seasonal allergies in some babies. The body fights back by releasing histamine and other chemicals. It results in the inflammation of the …

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Can Genes Affect Your Pregnancy?

Apart from getting one’s physical health in shape, another important step for couples is being informed about family histories from both sides. Read how genes affect pregnancy. Why is Building a …

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When being Pregnant comes with Complications

Being Pregnant is all about the changes that take place inside woman’s body and transform her into a mother. With Pregnancy, come lot of complications like feeling nauseous, sick, experiencing …

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Vaccines for Pregnant Moms

Why do you need vaccination during pregnancy? Sometimes, a woman might get pregnant without having a chance to update her immunization status. At other times, even though she received all …

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pregnancy diet

Pregnancy Diet: Importance of Vitamins and Supplements for a Healthy Baby

Pregnancy is a time that draws a lot of attention to food. Even the best efforts to include all food groups in their right amounts may create nutritional gaps in …

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how much is laser eye surgery cost in India

How Much is laser Eye Surgery Cost in India?

In India, LASIK eye surgery is a very common procedure. Over a million people have refractive surgery every year to restore normal vision. LASIK is the preferred method for correcting …

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Open Heart Surgery

Post Open Heart Surgery Concerns

Bypass or Open Heart Surgery is one of the major operations that are generally performed in the human body. The heart’s muscles, arteries, valves, and aorta are operated on by …

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Chest Pain - Heart Attack Or Something Else?

Chest Pain – Heart Attack Or Something Else?

That dull, burning sensation in the chest that doesn’t seem to be going away, or is getting worse – is it a sign of a heart attack? Or is it …

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Overactive Bladder

Septic Arthritis: Bacterial Infection in a Joint

What is septic arthritis? Septic arthritis, also known as infectious or bacterial or pyogenic arthritis, refers to the inflammation of a joint due to bacterial infection. The most common joints …

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Credihealth_Cervical Cancer_Symptoms

Cervical Cancer: Symptoms and Risks

According to a top gynae oncologist in India who has provided cervical cancer treatment to over 10,000 women, Cervical Cancer occurs in the cells of the cervix which is the …

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