Thursday , March 30 2023

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Menopause & Heart Disease

Menopause & Heart Disease – Is There a Relation?

Menopause is usually considered synonymous with hot flashes, insomnia and night sweats, but you should know that it may also be one of the risk factors for having a heart …

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Uterine Cancer Screening

It is not easy to screen for Uterine Cancer in women who do not show any signs or symptoms. Initial screening is advised to increase chances of getting the maximum …

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dussehra pollution

#FreedomFrom Pollution Caused By Dussehra

India is a country where many festivals are celebrated. But do you have any idea how harmful it is to celebrate festivals like Dussehra and Diwali, especially for our environment? …

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Osteosarcoma Symptoms

Osteosarcoma: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments (Bone Cancer in Children)

The most common type of bone cancer is Osteosarcoma, also known as childhood bone cancer. Osteosarcoma is also the 6th most common type of cancer found in children. Since osteosarcoma …

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