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Acupressure Points For Gas & Bloating, acupressure points for gas
Acupressure Points For Gas & Bloating

4 Acupressure Points For Gas & Bloating That You Didn’t Know About

Certain medical studies have suggested that acupressure is very effective in situations when we are suffering from nausea, vomiting, body pain, many other problems. Another area for which acupressure is extremely helpful is gas and bloating. Therefore, before we look into the acupressure points for gas and bloating, let us understand the theory of acupressure first.a

The Theory of Acupressure

Acupressure is described as a relaxation technique similar in principle to acupuncture.

  • The concept of acupressure revolves around the process in which life energy flows through the term called “meridians” in the body.
  • These so-called “meridians” are sometimes victims to certain blockages of energy.
  • Acupressure points become very effective during this stage as the acupressure process may help to clear the blockage.
  • Pressure may be applied by our hand or other devices.

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Acupressure Points For Gas & Bloating

Bloating is the term used for any abnormal gas swelling or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. Due to bloating, the patient feels full and tight abdomen pain and the stomach starts growling. (Also Read about: 10 Foods that can cause Bloating)

 Following are some of the acupressure points for gas and bloating to get relief:

  1. Stomach
    • The points of acupressure for bloating are located in the middle section of the body
    • The first point is the part above the naval (center of energy)
    • The second part is totally opposite as it is below the navel (sea of energy)
    • The acupressure points for gas and bloating that have been mentioned above are very important in order to get relief from this problem.
  2. Lower Back Points
  • As mentioned, lower back points refer to the areas which are located in the lower part of the back of the human body.
  • The 4 acupressure points for gas and bloating lie on the lower back on the level of the waist.
  • We need to acupuncture the points with the right intensity for relief from gas, indigestion and abdominal.
  • Caution: people with weak back or back problems should not apply this therapy.
  1. Hand Points
  • The acupressure points for gas and bloating also lie on the hand – that are located on the backside of the wrist. This point is known as Inner Gate point.
  • To treat stomach ache, nausea, bloating, the gas we need to apply gentle and mild pressure on the provided acupressure points on the hand.
  • This also helps in eliminating stress.
  1. Leg Three Miles
  • The name of this point is quite peculiar and is derived from the fact that the points can reinforce our energy and can enable people to walk three miles easily when they are exhausted.
    • To find this point:
      • We need to slightly bend the leg
      • We need to put 4 fingers below our kneecap
      • We should start with the kneecap base with an assist from our index fingers.
      • The point exists where our little finger rests on the outer side of the skin-bone.
  • It is advisable to apply light pressure to all the provided acupressure points.
  • We should remember to make sure that we should elevate every level of pressure and press deeper every one point.
  • This acupressure points for gas and bloating is a very effective spot as we can enhance our overall energy, boost our immune system and improve our digestion.

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Remember: Acupressure Points Massage

  • Massage: Massaging with circular movements in the region which is the deepest may help to provide relief.
  • Applying oil: Using oil while doing acupressure is very important because oil helps to the right point of massage and one essential thing is that it can be applied after the acupressure treatment is done.
  • Effective positions: We should place ourselves in a relaxing and comfortable position and we should also close our eyes while taking deep breaths in addition to applying points.
  • Assist or a helping hand: If during this process, we face any problem or we cannot do it by ourselves than we can ask a friend as someone to assist or help us to repeat the acupressure therapy as it often proves to be very relaxing and pain relieving.

Acupressure Points for Gas – Takeaway

The acupressure points for gas and bloating can be really helpful against ineffective habits such as consumption of improper foods, irregular type of eating The acupressure is a tried and tested approach as it’s been part of traditional Chinese medicine theory since times immemorial. Although there is no physical verifiable on the existence of acupressure or meridians, it is still a healing relief for many problems. And, always remember, gas can be a very irritating problem and can affect any and everyone. Therefore, always learn ways on how to keep stomach healthy and clean.

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