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ADHD treatment

ADHD Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The term “ADHD” Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a brain disorder which relates to a condition wherein a person has immense issues paying attention and concentrating on tasks. The disorder almost nullifies the power of thinking and acting accordingly. Now, lets first understand ADHD through an overview and then delve deeper into ADHD Symptoms, What Causes ADHD and ADHD Treatment.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): Overview

ADHD in the past was referred as attention deficit disorder (ADD). This particular disorder can begin at an early stage of childhood and may tend to continue in later life. Avoiding, ADHD treatment at the early stage can increase the difficulties at school, home or later at work and adversely affect relationships.

ADHD Treatment

Most of the distinct ADHD symptoms are usual for any youngster to experience. Therefore, diagnosis of ADHD is even tougher and doctors prefer to examine a child on various parameters. ADHD is diagnosed, mostly when a child hits teenage. People with ADHD may face issues like conduct disorder, learning incapacities, depression, anxiety illness, and substance abuse. Knowing the causes of ADHD, common ADHD symptoms and ADHD treatment at an early stage is very crucial.

What’s ADHD Symptoms?

Early detection of ADHD symptoms can help the person to improve with better and timely medication. ADHD symptoms and signs can be categorized in three ways, as mentioned below:

  • Impulsivity is one of the common symptoms of ADHD, where a person can take any hasty actions without thinking the next step or its replications; impulsive nature gradually hampers social and personal life. People tend to talk way too loud, laugh abnormally and get angrier even in normal situations.
  • Lack of attention which triggers a person to move away from task, no determination and inability to sustain focus. A person in this condition can easily get distracted and face hard time to concentrate on any task.
  • Hyperactivity is another common ADHD symptoms, where a person is constantly fidgeting. Mostly a person in this condition is troubled sitting quietly for even a short span of time. They often don’t enjoy reading or indulge in any other quiet activities.

What Causes ADHD?

As a matter of fact, the precise reason of what causes ADHD is not yet known. Though, some of the stats suggest that such disorder may run in families. Across the globe, there are various research going on to find the exact cause or the genes which causes a person to be prone to ADHD symptoms.

Risks Factors

Scientists and research institutes are yet to discover the actual causes ADHD. This happens to be one of those disorders or illnesses, which can be related to a number of factors, some of the major contributors can be:

  • Using drugs during the time of pregnancy
  • Genes
  • Low weight on birth
  • Exposure to environmental toxins
  • Cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption
  • Brain injuries

Another interesting fact suggests that ADHD males are more common than females. Though, females with ADHD indications may face initial problems mainly with inattention.

Path to ADHD treatment

Well, there is no proven way to cure ADHD, however, some of the ADHD treatment can certainly reduce the issues and help in leading a better life. Based on ADHD symptoms, major ADHD treatments are advised, which are as following: psychotherapy, medication, special training, or having a blend of all these treatments.

ADHD Treatment Medication

Over the years, medication for this disorder has helped to diminish impulsive behaviour and hyperactivity to a great extent. ADHD treatment medication can slowly help in improving the condition with better focus, attention towards work and ability to learn. Customised medical assistance under the guidance of doctor can help in physical growth as well.


Stimulants are one of the most common types of medication for ADHD treatment. This works as it raises the brain chemicals dopamine along with norepinephrine that plays an important role in bringing thoughtfulness and the required amount of attention. These medications are considered safe if they are given under medical supervision.


One cannot deny the side effects and risks associated if such medication is misused or taken without following the prescribed guidelines. Just to take an example, stimulants tend to raise heart rate as well as blood pressure which triggers anxiety. That is one of the reasons why a person having health issues like high (BP) blood pressure, kidney issues, heart disease, glaucoma or liver disease, or any other disorder must inform their doctor before being prescribed to the stimulant.

Taking Non-stimulants

Some of the ADHD treatment methods can include non-stimulants as well. Though such medications process may tend to more time show effectiveness to fight ADHD symptoms compared to stimulants, gradually it does improve attention, focus as well as impulsivity triggers.

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Well, psychotherapy is another effective way to combat ADHD treatment as it helps the patient to handle everyday situations. Change in behavior through behavioral therapy has shown better results. With practical help, assistance in everyday task, school-related work and involvement in events makes the patient more familiar to work through these set of events. Behavioral therapy, helps in monitoring the behavior of the patient, help them to control anger and teach them the right way to act in various situations. With collaborative effort of parents, trainer and other family members routine or rules can be set to control behavior. Along with this a therapist can help with social skills, how to ask for assistance, share toys, how to respond, greet others.

Education and Training

Proper understanding and guidance for ADHD by parents, family, and teachers plays a crucial role. During growing age parents need to be very patient dealing with ADHD kids, eliminate negative feelings and help them overcome anger, frustrations. Parents should consult mental health professionals to know how to educate such kids, how to change their attitude, develop interest and skills. It is very important to include stress management techniques to bring in the best way to treat children with ADHD.

Support Groups

There are support groups which can help families and parents to share issues and concerns on similar grounds. Such regular meetings can help in better recommendations, strategies to deal with cases and get expert advice.

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According to study almost 85% of offspring with ADHD may have the danger of having the disorder in adulthood. Understanding helps in better ADHD treatment and ways to deal with the situation more effectively. Some of the ADHD symptoms mentioned above should not be ignored and consulting doctor is highly recommended to get ADHD treatment at the initial stage. Moreover, since, people with ADHD symptoms are at higher risk of having relational problems, frequent mood swings, anxiety, alcohol abuse issues, depression, medical problems, it has to be dealt with utmost care.